View From a Hotel Window 4/26/17: San Francisco

Behold, the penultimate hotel window view for this tour! It’s also the view from the highest floor (I think). Hello, San Francisco.

Tonight! If you’re in Santa Cruz, come see Cory and me at the Santa Cruz High Theater at 7, sponsored by Bookshop Santa Cruz. It’ll be my first time in Santa Cruz ever. I’m very excited.

Tomorrow! Borderlands Books here in San Francisco! That’ll be at 6. Come see us there if you’re in the Bay Area.

It’s coming to a close, this tour. It’s been great so far, but I’ll be happy to be home soon.

14 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 4/26/17: San Francisco”

  1. Well, that’s one way of avoiding the silver car stalking you – a black & white photo.
    But if it were in colour and I had a magnifying glass …

  2. Welcome to my home town. Unfortunately I live too far away now to come to the show tomorrow. Have a good one!

    I see AT&T Park over there on the left. The Giants will be playing the Dodgers there while you’re in Santa Cruz (not that it matters to you).

  3. I used to work about four blocks from where you are staying. If the weather’s not too bad and you have time for a stroll tomorrow, you should check out South Park. It a cool little urban park tucked in between 2nd & 3rd and Brannan & Bryant. It’s completely hidden unless you know to look for it. Back in 2001 there were some nice cafés and a great taqueria around the edge.

  4. I second SSteve’s recommendation of the oasis that is South Park. In Santa Cruz, if you can get there a little early, it’s worth going for a drive on Cliff Drive. The views, especially before sunset, are spectacular. You’ll also be able to see the surfer monument, lighthouse surfer exhibit, all within a few hundred feet of each other.

  5. You and Cory were a great dynamic duo in Santa Cruz. Thanks for the insights and the laughs. Benevolent Overlords one and all…..

  6. If you get the chance in Santa Cruz, you should stop by Penny Ice Creamery and get a cone with with homemade toasted marshmallow fluff on top. Looking forward to the SF event tonight!

  7. Just damned jealous
    I’m not in SF
    Not enjoying this little gem folks say South Park is
    And literally watching snow come down outside :(

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your books
    They’re probably the first non-work related ones I’ve purchased in a decade
    (Yes you can berate me if you like but it is what it is ….)

    Hope the tour went well and you sell a TON of books !
    Looking forward to more (and maybe movies or tv shows or …. that’d be additionally awesome!)

  8. I enjoyed seeing you at Borderlands with Cory Doctorow. You guys do a good job.

    I didn’t stick around for the signing, so I didn’t talk to you. I enjoyed the book. It kind of reminded me of Asimov, particularly the Foundation Trilogy. I was worried it was a big long setup to a bad pun (like Asimov’s Shah Guido G story).

    If I had the chance, I was going to ask you about the ship names in Collapsing Empire. Are they a homage to Ian Banks’s Culture books?

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