View From a Hotel Window, 4/28/17: Southfield, MI

Not just a parking lot, a parking structure. An auspicious way to finish up this tour’s series of Views from a Hotel Window.

I’m in Southfield, Michigan, at the Penguicon convention. Tomorrow I sign books, do my final reading of the tour, and participate on panels. If you’re in the area and have a hankering for a nifty science fiction convention, come on down (Bonus: Cory Doctorow, with whom I just did several really excellent tour stops, is the Guest of Honor).

And after Penguicon? Why, I go home! Finally! Yay!

11 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/28/17: Southfield, MI”

  1. Whoa !
    That makes up for the dearth in the middle stages of the tour all at once !
    (Although those silver cars are there again .. stalkers ?)

    Seems the tour went well and that you’ve had good turn outs.

  2. John, will you be at Penguincon on Sunday also (please say yes, and let it be a true yes and not just yes because I’m asking you to say yes)?

    I’m in Florida but gave some books to a friend in Southfield who will be going to the con on Sunday to get them signed for me.

    Love your work, can’t wait for the sequel to The Collapsing Empire!

  3. Hi there Canucklehead.
    So you now agree with me that JS is being stalked by either a) silver cars or b) occupants of silver cars?
    I wonder how far a car could get on that roof? It looks to go quite a ways into the distance. Should we send John or Cory to find out?

  4. Hi KiwiSteve and Canucklehead-

    That parking lot looks like stalker heaven to me.Its probably crammed with silver cars, parked just out of sight.

  5. I look forward to reading your future book of photos: Parking Lots I Have Known and Loved.

  6. I look forward to reading your future book of photos: Parking Lots I Have Known and Loved.
    I think you’ll need to drop the last two words, otherwise it will be a really short book.

    Are these threads pretty much open to changes of subject? Asking because I saw this on another blog:

    “Apolitical art” is just art where the readers shares its assumptions to the point that the assumptions become invisible.

    and it made me think that was a perfect explanation of the Puppies and their complaints about the politicization of sci-fi. Jemisin or Leckie aren’t any *more* political than Heinlein or Niven, they’re *differently* political. But if you are to Heinlein’s politics as fish are to water, then you might have a hard time seeing that.

  7. Thanks for signing my book, John. Even if you had to trudge out to “Siberia” to do the reading and the talk. I really enjoy Penguicon and I also enjoyed the panel you were on with Cory Doctorow, even if I am not a writer and have no intention of publishing a book.

  8. I first discovered you at Penguicon way back when Wil Wheaton had to cancel, and you became honorable Wil Wheaton for the weekend. Unfortunately, that was the last Penguicon I was able to attend. I was looking forward to attending this year to hear you and get something signed, but a family emergency prevented that. Hopefully I can catch you the next time you do an event in Ohio, since it’s my home state too ;)

  9. That looks like the view from my hotel room as I think I am directly upstairs from you. You can see my car in your photo! Thanks for the signature and photo yesterday! That was a kick. The I checked my copy of _Collapsing Empire_ and noticed the size of your name and collapsing being the same (not that I doubted you). That was my friend’s suggestion, but I don’t choose books with the author’s name size on the cover criterion. Plus, I have pretty much read all your books… I forgot to bring my copy of _God Engines_ for your signature as it’s one of the two, I have now found, that I have not read.