Daily Archives: May 1, 2017

Catching Up On the News, Alas

Hey! Hey, Scalzi! It’s me, your imaginary interlocutor! Oh, you again. I thought I got rid of you. Only while you were on tour, pal! Now I’m back and here to ask you more leading questions about politics so you can rant! (sighs) Fine, but I’m keeping my answers short. Sure you are. Shut up. […]

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May Day Kitten Picture Plus Other Various Things Upon My Return Home

First: Look! Kitten! A very serious kitten, it appears, taking the first of May very seriously. Second (and so on): So, I’m back home after two weeks on the road and after five weeks of touring in general, which means a lot of catch up — dealing with non-critical emails and business-related things and stuff […]

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The Dispatcher: Now Out in Print and eBook!

Look at what gorgeous thing was waiting for me when I came home yesterday: The Subterranean Press hardcover edition of my novella The Dispatcher, complete with fabulous cover and interior art from Vincent Chong. It’s a work of art, it is. And it can be yours, because it’s now available in print and eBook at […]

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