The Dispatcher: Now Out in Print and eBook!

Look at what gorgeous thing was waiting for me when I came home yesterday: The Subterranean Press hardcover edition of my novella The Dispatcher, complete with fabulous cover and interior art from Vincent Chong. It’s a work of art, it is.

And it can be yours, because it’s now available in print and eBook at all your favorite online and offline retailers! For example:

Amazon|Barnes & Noble|iBooks|Indiebound|Kobo|Powell’s

(And yes, it’s available internationally: I just checked the Amazon stores in UK, Canada and Germany. English edition, however.)

The reviews have been pretty nifty, too: Kirkus calls it “a what-if tale reminiscent of Asimov at his twistiest” and Publishers Weekly notes “This noir novella will be a surprise for Scalzi’s fans, who are used to his relatively sunny Heinleinesque yarns.” Meanwhile, in its original audiobook version, it’s been nominated for three Audie awards, the highest award in the audiobook industry. Plus it was the number one audio book on Audible for two weeks, and in the top ten for four. So that’s pretty nifty too.

So if you’ve been waiting for the print/eBook version: The wait is over! Go get it!

10 Comments on “The Dispatcher: Now Out in Print and eBook!”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see the e-book on Amazon the other night when I finished the book I had been reading. I immediately bought it and then stayed up WAY too late because I couldn’t put it down. DAMN YOU SCALZI!!! (shakes fist in impotent rage)

  2. Somehow I caught it the first day it was out. I thought the concept was very interesting and written very well, as always. The bleariness the next morning from the late read was well worth it. I don’t know how you keep coming up with your ideas, but I’m very glad you do.

  3. gives the reviews on Amazon for this title a “B” grade. Most of them appear to be for the audio version. I read the sample. Too much dialogue for my taste. The story didn’t hold my interest, but neither do a lot of writers, so this guy isn’t alone.

  4. Hard copy version of the Dispatcher not quite on Amazon UK yet. Will be there on 31st May.

    A pity you have dropped the visit to Helsinki. Especially as this is just a hop, skip and a jump away from me in Stockholm. Another time maybe…

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