New Books and ARCs, 5/2/17

Lots of books came to the Scalzi Compound while I was out on the last leg of the tour — and here’s the first stack. What in here calls to you? Tell us in the comments!

25 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/2/17”

  1. Mmm, I’m curious to see how the Fitz and the Fool trilogy compares to the original. Hadn’t realized the third book was nearly out!

  2. Robin Hobbs of course, and I’m delighted to see a new “Thief” book from Megan Whelan Turner. Those are so good.

  3. EEEE Hamster Princess is on 4! We have the first one. There are three more! EEEEE!

  4. Authors I’ve read – Hobb and Smale
    Authors I recognise – Benford and Resnick
    So this is another ARC stack with about the usual hit rates.
    Over the past year or two I’ve bought books by other authors that you, my fellow commenters, have been positive about. Probably over 20 new authors. Some I liked, some not.
    But I need to find new authors because once you find a new author you like and have read all their books then you’re stuck waiting a year for their next book (innocently looks in any direction but JS) or much longer (3 years and waiting Patrick Rothfuss).


    I just checked to see if any Megan Whalen Turner had become available on audible, and it appears ALL of the Thief audiobooks are being released on audible on May 16, same day as THICK AS THIEVES officially comes out!

  6. Mike Resnicks books are always good value, and the new Benford and Robin Hobb look good , too. I won’t be reading the Alan Smale, though- I tried one of the earlier ones in the series but didn’t like it.

  7. Hi MikeM
    is there a Resnick you would recommend as a starter? Preferably the first of a series rather than say book four.
    I don’t blame you about Smale. The story is OK but like so many authors they make their hero too clever to be believable.I’ll probably get Eagle & Empire and decide from there whether to give up.

  8. I love the title for THE RAGTIME TRAVELER.

    Haven’t read any of the Hamster Princess books, but loved loved loved Vernon’s CASTLE HANGNAIL.

    I finally got around to finishing Hobb’s ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE trilogy last year. Still haven’t recovered enough from the vicarious beating I received to go on to further books in the series. They’re, umm, very intense books.

  9. My apologies if this is considered inappropriate.

    Please ignore the comment above by “Bailey Belmont”. The link does not lead to a review, but to a report writing service. I’m extremely annoyed that my baby has been misused in this way.


    And, to stay on topic: I was previously unaware of Hamster Princess. I shall be remedying this oversight immediately.

  10. brucearthurs: I’ll say that the two other Robin Hobb series I’ve read didn’t knock me around as emotionally as the initial Assassin’s trilogy did. Enjoyed both the Dreamship and Forest Mage (Soldier something) trilogies.

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