Prom 2017

Athena and Hunter went and got all dressed up for their senior Prom night last night, and of course I had to take a ton of pictures, because that’s what I do. If you’re curious to see the results (and to look upon a fabulous Belle dress), the entire Flickr album is here. Enjoy!

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  1. Hope Hunter and Athena had a wonderful night. It’s great to see two genuinely nice kids find each other like they have.

  2. I love her sass. That young woman is going to rock worlds, she has the look of a force of nature about her.

  3. She looks goddess-like in some of those exterior shots. And the candids with her and Hunter are charming.

  4. Athena is taller than Daisy too.

    Does that belle dress have hoops? Looks like it might.  Is it easy or hard to master hooped-dress ambulation?

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I am at sea, heading for Morocco, a very different place to your home; it’s good to see human links across so vast a distance…

  6. These pictures range from “Oh, how lovely!” to “Squeeeeeeee!!” Such an adorable couple. Hope they had/are having a great time!

  7. They look great; perfect outfits for both of them, especially with their particular hairstyles and colors. I hope they had a blast.

  8. I cannot believe I am going to be the first to say this! You took a tone of pictures? Hey, if Tor ever wants a new editor for your work, I could be available!.

    OTOH, what a babe & cure couple. You are one lucky man JS.

  9. @Frankly, I usually don’t say anything about typos because it often bites me in the butt: “cure couple”?

  10. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your special day with all of us, Athena and Hunter; I hope you had a marvelous time.

  11. Gorgeous! I love how very Belle-like that dress is. <3

  12. She’s beautiful, John. Just gorgeous! And your pix are lovely. Dress must have been great fun.

  13. What’s the fabric? Looks like silk but might be a kind of taffeta? I’m thinking silk because in the instagram gallery it looks lightweight and taffeta is HEAVY.

  14. Side-Topic Tangent: The other day, I ran across a YouTube video attempting to predict what names would and would not be popular, and which would fall out of favor.

    The video pundits tried to claim the name Hunter would fall into disfavor as too bloody or warlike.

    A large number of comments said they had brothers or friends named Hunter, and they never thought of their Hunters that way. I didn’t comment, but I think it’s a fine name for a guy. (And Chase is essentially the Norman French equivalent to the Saxon English Hunter.) (Chasseur, if you want to get picky.)
    Athena as the goddess of wisdom (and Apollo’s sister on the original BSG) is a fine name to, and underused.

    Also quite aside: I think my own high school prom photos got lost in the last move. They may be hiding in storage now. But Johan and Krissy can probably appreciate: It was 1984, my hair, like over half of all the guys and girls, was in “wings” and parted down the middle and longish, and my skinny teenage self was in a pale pink tux shirt and pale silver-grey tux, cummerbund, and shoes, because he tux I’d wanted wasn’t available, and that one looked pretty good, I thought. That I had asked three nice girls and went stag and wore pink (which was in style for guys then) … and that I was also pretty sure I was gay… should have said something to me, but I wasn’t yet ready to listen.

    Ahem, and I hope Athena’s and Hunter’s graduation gowns are good. My high school’s were the brightest, loudest shiny acrylic purple with gold stoles you could ever imagine. And our school’s purple and gold, and thus flesh tones, usually got miscorrected to navy or royal blue and a greenish skin tone. heh. The school doors were this sort of industrial dusty lilac. It’s still funny to me today. Oh, very much not conservative and toned down graduation purple. Very!

    Enjoy prom and graduation! And have a great first semester at college.

    (Any LGBT / questioning students, please don’t follow my example: If you like boys or girls or both, please accept that this is so, love who you love, be good to them and to yourself, accept it, and make a good new life for yourself. Not accepting it, not talking to anyone, letting yourself get swallowed up by that lack of acceptance, fears, or shame? Folks, that will not take you down a path that gives you a better life. If you want to love someone, the same or the opposite sex or both, then that’s what’s right for you. I wish I had known back then how many people would like me and love me just the same, same-sex and all, for being that way. It would have given me the freedom and peace inside to excel in college the first time out, and maybe to have found someone special then, or at least to learn I could look and there’d be others like me out there who wanted the same, a very simple thing: an ordinary life and someone special to share it with.)

    My high school and college age self would have benefitted so much if only he could have understood that and accepted it inside. — I should also have put my foot down with my particular parents about a couple of things, but that wasn’t the most urgent thing for me. (I did argue with them about paying me versus putting it in *their* savings, ostensibly toward my college expenses “for better interest rates.” But I was more naive back then and didn’t nw that was not legal; they should have paid me and let me manage it. I did not have any history of wild spending or partying. I do wish I’d put my foot down and moved out.) Live and learn.

    So, college and work bound grads, go out and have an awesome life, and stick up for yourselves. There *are* good friends and loves out there, and stuff worth doing and living and loving for. — I am still here, and I wish a few friends still were. So go be awesome, because this ol’ world needs y’all. Even if it’s just being a nice person or helping out a little bit. You never know who will turn out to be a friend you haven’t met yet, years down the road.

  15. I’m glad I clicked through to see the rest of the photoset, because the one you posted here kinda said, “Hello, I am psychotic serial killer. Please take this rose from me. No reason.”

    Also, that dress is freaking awesome.

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