A Senior Day Moment

Not graduation day; don’t let the robes fool you. Senior day is the day the seniors are handed out their awards and scholarships, take their final class pictures, and then are dismissed until graduation day, two weeks hence. Technically Athena has already graduated — she finished up a semester early — but she’s walking with her classmates because why wouldn’t you. It’s a last hurrah for Bradford Class of 2017. These two, at least, seem happy about it.

5 Comments on “A Senior Day Moment”

  1. Nice symbolism in that photo! Laughing at danger! At the crossroads of life! Life is a hurtling train from here on out!

  2. Senior day at my school was slightly different. By tradition, we came to school dressed in old clothes, pelted each other with eggs and flour, threw people in the swimming pool, set off homemade pyrotechnics, and generally created mayhem. You could get away with a lot more in 1975. I guess the robes thing is more sensible, if not as much fun.

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