New Books and ARCs, 5/12/17

Hey, look! More books and ARCs! Who’d’ve thought? If you see something here you have an interest in, tell us all in the comments. We want to know.

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  1. “The End of the World Running Club”

    Ah, I see someone has expressed the exact moment when I’ll take up running…

  2. Eeeeee! I have been waiting for The Caledonian Gambit for months! I can’t wait to have it in my hands. The spine is very pretty. And I’m a sucker for A’s with no horizontal line.

  3. Why two copies of “Dark Immolation”?

    Oh, hang in – one will be the e-book! ;-)

  4. @JamesRT
    “Authors Cut” like they do those Directors Cut movies maybe ?

  5. I also am intrigued by the Zahn; I’ve been reading him since before the Star Wars books, when you could buy a paperback for (maybe) three bucks. I will also look into those The Kid From Planet Z books, to see if they might interest my young one.

  6. Two copies of Dark Immolation!
    The first arrived damaged so JS asked for another copy? Maybe?

  7. I remember liking Tim Zahn’s books, Star Wars and otherwise. Cool beans.

    Just from the title, The Kid From Planet Z sounds good. I’m presuming YA, but a good YA/teen book ought to appeal to adult level readers too. (Disclaier: Like most here, I was reading in the adult level books I the library by 12, college level reading. So the “juvenile” SF&F books at Dalton’s and Waldenbooks and so on were reading fare, along with then-current stuff. And yeah, I remember when paperbacks cost from $1.25 to $3.00. A good portion of my allowance always went to SF&F books, of which I’m still proud. There were also two or three series of really good science books aimed for YA audiences back then. Those are still good, too.

  8. Only here to see how many people comment on the two copies of Dark Immolation. (Mine makes 3 so far.) Would make a good band name, too. ;)

  9. The Kid from Planet Z books are not even YA – they’re beginning chapter books. They look great for my emerging reader :)

  10. So, I looked up The Kid From Planet Z and (yes, School Teacher) I discovered it’s two little chapter books for early readers, with (cool!) illustrations. :) I’ll pass, but I bet they’d be great fun for elementary or younger kids. It seems Zeke Zander and his family re aliens whose ship crash-lands on Earth, they pretend to be humans, but with antennae and a talking cat names Zeus, this is not so easy. In the second little book, Zeke gets the zee bop version of the flu, with symptoms like green goo from his eyes. (All this from the Amazon summary). I’m sensing a strong Z theme. Zee or Zed. They sound charming.

  11. I got The Punch Escrow from NetGalley, I read it cover to cover over 2 nights. Probably my favorite SF book since RPO.

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