Hey, Wanna Watch Me and Cory Doctorow Talk for an Hour About Super Nerdy Stuff?

Sure you do! Here you go. This is from when Cory and I did a stop together at Google during our book tours.

6 Comments on “Hey, Wanna Watch Me and Cory Doctorow Talk for an Hour About Super Nerdy Stuff?”

  1. You were staying in SF and schlepped all the way to Mountain View for this talk, EVEN THOUGH it could have been done in San Francisco!

    Next time I see that you’re on a tour, I’ll try to set something up for Google SF. It occurred to me way, way too late this time.

  2. I’m glad that I got to see you in Google’s Kirkland campus, and that I will be seeing Cory there on Monday. Would have been cool to see you together, albeit clearly a different experience.

    A question I meant to ask about your Lock In sequel: one of the minor elements of that book that was much remarked on at the time was the lack of gender specification for Chris. Did you have in mind doing anything analogous for the new book? (A related topic Lock In didn’t address IIRC is that of perception of race: obviously threeps don’t have any necessary racial signifiers, but do some Hadens prefer to anyway? Has Haden’s disease affected racial politics in any way? Lots of cool questions there…)

  3. I think a podcast where you and Cory discuss current events would immediately become my top listening activity. Thanks for posting this! It was much more fun than the work I was going to do for the last hour.

  4. Okay… the Total Bastards argument made we wonder what a Venn diagram of Total Bastards vs. Harassholes would look like. Total overlap? Near over lap? 50%? Hmmmmm…

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