Robots vs. Fairies: I’m In This

Saga Press today announced a new anthology called Robots vs. Fairies, in which, as you might expect, there are stories about robots, and stories about fairies, and perhaps a few with robots and fairies. The anthology includes a story by me, entitled “Three Robots Experience Objects Left Behind From the Human Era for the First Time,” which, well. The title pretty much spells it out.

The author line-up for the book, as well as the story of the really very cool cover, is available here on the Barnes & Noble blog; the book itself will be out in January 2018. Something to look forward to in the coming year.

14 Comments on “Robots vs. Fairies: I’m In This”

  1. Looks cool and your story sounds interesting. Will check it out. But I am surprised on the publish time. That is a long wait! (or maybe I am just very unaware of how this all works)

  2. Fairies, two out of three falls. Robots are stupid. ‘Positronic’ horse apples…

  3. Darn, I first read the headline to mean you’re a character in the book. This is good too.

  4. Sounds cool . I wanted to use another word lol because everyone has said “cool” but it’s just so cool you can’t help but say that 😁

  5. At first, I thought it was stories about fights between robots and fairies, but this sounds good too.
    I’d be hard pressed to pick which of the two I’d prefer.
    The bad thing about it being so long until it gets published is that, I just might forget about it in the meantime. The ebooks version isn’t up for preordering yet, so …

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