New Books and ARCs, 5/19/17

Heading into a very fine weekend, and what better way to do that then with some very fine books and ARCs? Tell us what in this stack is beckoning you to read it!

21 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/19/17”

  1. The Gathering Edge. Theo! Bechimo! Joyita! Norbears! And a nice universe to escape to for a while.

  2. Huh. That book about Maradona’s handball that cheated Argentina into a win over England in the 1986 World Cup was not something I expected to see in a pile here.

  3. Count me as another one who is surprised to see Maradona’s book. At first I was convinced it had to be a different author with the same name.

  4. I actually looked it up to see if I was misreading the name! Nope, it’s him.

  5. I just got an ARC for the new Laundry Files book, Delirium Brief, and as it is supposed to rain most of the weekend, I am a happy, happy, girl.

  6. I loved STEEPLEJACK, so I am definitely looking forward to FIREBRAND.

  7. The Gathering Edge was another good one in the series. I’m still looking forward to seeing Theo reunited with her parents (and them reunited with each other – that’s going to get sticky when he comes back with his previous wife by his side).

  8. The Gathering Edge is slow, like the previous two Liaden Universe books. Not that nothing happens and it’s pretty clear that the authors are lining things up for a lot more action but for now there’s quite a bit of stage setting and some character development.

    If you’re addicted to the series (yes, as a matter of fact, $HERSELF and I are) then you’ll enjoy it. Nice settle-me-down evening reading on summer holiday. Otherwise? Hard to say.

  9. D.C. Sessions: ” The Gathering Edge is slow, like the previous two Liaden Universe books ” . I didn’t think it was “slow”, although you’re not the only person who has used this term, so I am curious what “slow” means to you . To me, “slow” is a book that I have to slog through a chapter or few pages at a time. This book was basically a non-stop read from start to finish, with people and events I wanted to learn about *right now*.

    Trying not to do spoilers for a newly released book here… but granted that we didn’t see ships weapons used on a planetary city this time, we did have a space-based rescue, a dockside…event, and encounters with agents of old enemies among other things. Sure, there are lots and lots of things going on in the Liaden Universe that we didn’t see a resolution of. But things *happened*.

    What makes a book “fast” or “slow”? Is there a minimum amount of, say, knife fights or rayguns or killing for a book to be “fast”? There was a long bit in Agent of Change where Val Con and Miri were alone on a slow ship and Val Con was recovering and Miri was mostly reading and exploring the ship. Was that “slow”? I found it fascinating. Same thing for the sequences on Vandar in Carpe Diem.

    In general, “slow” in reviews of *any* book (not just The Gathering Edge”) has seemed to be a negative. Now I’m wondering what people really mean by it, and how much value it has in selecting books to add or not to the TBR pile…

  10. The Gathering Edge is another fine episode in the Liaden Universe (R) saga. I read an ARC courtesy of Edelweiss then bought it the day it was released. The Lee and Miller series is made up of the kind of books that you can re-read and enjoy over and over.

    Not really familiar with any of the other authors in this week’s stack, but Paradox Bound is an intriguing title.

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