The Dispatcher Wins the Audie Award for Best Original Work

Breaking my week-long hiatus here, but I think this is a pretty good reason: The Dispatcher won an Audie Award! It won in the category of Best Original Work, one of the three categories it was nominated in (the other two categories were Science Fiction and Excellence in Marketing). The “Original Work” category is for works that were created as “audio first,” as The Dispatcher was, so I’m especially delighted that The Dispatcher won in this category; it means it worked in its intended medium.

I’m thrilled that it nabbed the Audie and and to say thank you to people who helped get this story to where it is today. First off, to Steve Feldberg and his entire crew at Audible Studios; Steve asked for an audio original from me just as I was thinking of writing up this particular story, so well-timed on his part, and otherwise the folks at Audible simply knocked it out of the park in terms of production and marketing. Thanks also to Ethan Ellenberg, my agent, for guiding the deal to its fruition. And of course, thanks to Zachary Quinto for his profoundly good narration, which I am very sure was the element here that clinched this Audie win.

Here’s a link to the now award-winning audio version; there’s also a print/ebook version if you prefer.

Also, if you’re curious, here’s the complete list of 2017 Audie Award winners, which includes my friends Kameron Hurley (winning for Excellence in Design) and Tavia Gilbert (Best Female Narration). Congratulations to everyone who won!

Okay, resuming the hiatus. See you all again on Tuesday.

14 Comments on “The Dispatcher Wins the Audie Award for Best Original Work”

  1. Congratulations, John and to everyone involved in your production. I am not surprised at all by this news. It was a wonderful audio-first release, and I was one of the early adopters because of your direct promotions. Not only did I enjoy it, but my friend and I listened to it again on the way to Penguicon!

  2. The Dispatcher is excellent audio work. At times I got the feeling I was listening to one of the old radio shows… maybe X Minus 1.

    Congrats and enjoy the break from the web. Turns out I didn’t need it as much over the past weekend as I thought.

  3. Congratulations Mr. S! At this rate the “award shelf” is going to need some serious propping up.

  4. Congrats! This the first audio story I’ve listened to, and I really enjoyed it.

  5. Okay then – I actually renewed my Audible( subscription for the second time this year… Just for this work, so it better be good… ;)

    Just kidding – I have no doubt I will enjoy it!

  6. Just read the premise to The Dispatcher and it looks awesome. I’ve just popped that on my ‘To Buy’ list in Goodreads. Well done, John – well deserved.
    Kindness – Robert.

  7. Just finished listening to The Dispatcher. Would have been done almost an hour earlier, had I not been so rudely interrupted by a call from my girlfriend. ,)

    I like the story a lot and I enjoyed the performance by Zachary.

    If I had to make a negative comment, it would be that the last thirty seconds of the final chapter were somewhat predictable – but one has to end a story some way. :)

    Tanks for another great read/list, John, and congratulations on winning the well-deserved Audie Award!

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