New Books and ARCs, 6/8/17

You look like you might be interested in a big stack of books and ARCs, so, hey, here’s a stack matching that very description. What moves you in this stack? Tell us in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The Art of Starving, because I like the title and it makes me curious.
Dark Water and Soleri, because those are the types of titles that suggest mysteries (not the genre).

My first thought was “Damn, Terry Brooks is still writing Shannara books?” My own interest petered out after the original trilogy and I haven’t paid attention since then. Quick look at Wikepedia says there are 28 books so far, and the one show here is the first of a “final” four-part series. Guess that shows what I know. (Not a whole helluva lot)

I love Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy, and was so glad to see he is returning to this world. I pre-ordered The Witchwood Crown and am debating whether I can possibly find the time to re-read the original three books…

The library has The Witchwood Crown on order, and I’m the first person in the hold queue… (will eventually have to buy it, but will wait for paperback, because money (or lack thereof))

Tad Williams, Terry Brooks and David Drake are the only three I’ve read any of, or know of.
I’ll agree with sgsax about long series. After a certain point they just become repetitive, desperate, and other derogatory words that don’t come to mind just now. Not all mind you, just most.

David Drake is always good, but the others look interesting too. Since I started following Whatever, my to read list has assumed the length of a roll of toilet paper.

It looks like I’m going to have to make some space on my shelf for The WItchwood Crown. Which comes as no surprise me to me. Tad Williams isn’t exactly known for short books.

Starliner by David Drake must be a reprint, because I remember having read it at least twice. It’s good, though, so I recommend it.
Other than that, nothing particularly catches me this time around.

As a side note, I really appreciate you sharing these on the regular because it almost always introduces me to a new writer or book that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or known about.

David Drake’s Starliner is kind of The Love Boat INNN SPAAAACE! Or at least, as close to The Love Boat as Drake could possibly manage, which means it’s got quite a bit of violence to spice things up. The original version was a lot of fun and I recommend it. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s changed in this newer edition.

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