Daily Archives: June 9, 2017

Comey at the Senate

Hey, Scalzi! It’s me, your fictional interlocutor! Oh, God, you again. You know why I’m here! This is about the James Comey testimony yesterday, isn’t it? Correct!  *sighs* Fine, let’s do this. James Comey testimony! Your thoughts! Well, assuming Comey was truthful and reasonably accurate in his testimony, and to be clear I suspect he […]

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Is This the End of Our Hero, Coke Zero?!??!!??!?

Someone just tweeted me, “What do you think of them axing Coke Zero?”, which was not the first thing I wanted to read when I woke up this morning. But rather than panic and set fire to everything in my house at the thought of only having vile Diet Coke to drink when I crave […]

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