In Lieu of Me Having Anything Particularly Cogent to Say This Afternoon, Please Accept This Picture of a Cat

She looks pensive, doesn’t she.

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    Jada Diaz

    Cats are good. Mine has used me as a naplap most of the day. I live to serve my feline overlord.

  2. i’ve got three here, something i do not advise if you’re late a riser. She looks intent with prey visible to her beyond the barrier which doesn’t seem to exist but which is there she tries to go past it.

  3. Do I want tuna or chicken for dinner. Decisions, decisions

  4. I always get worried when our EldestCat gets that look on her face. I fear that she’s planning world domination, and is about to start her empire by buying Belguim. With my debit card. Problematic, since the card has a balance of about $7 right now … but I somehow fear that pesky detail shall not stop her!

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    Felicity Banks

    She knows.

  6. Are lack of opportunities for adequate nap times the main reason why cats drop plans for world domination?

  7. Peter asks wisely ‘Are lack of opportunities for adequate nap times the main reason why cats drop plans for world domination’

    In my experience being companion to many felines, I find the idea that cats sleep way than they’re awake not a constant but a variable from cat to cat. Taliesen, my seven year old Abyssinian cat (who gave me Cat scratch Fever shortly after bring coming home) is up most of the time; Puck, my orange and white is much older and sleeps pretty much all the time though he’ll get up to be fed or if window’s open; and Freya, my brown/orange/white female, is several years old than Taliesen, is up as much as the younger cat.

  8. I would really love for your next anthology to contain this series of posts!

  9. Looks to me like the cat does have something cogent to say.  The keyboard being spaced to human fingers, not feline, you should have been doing monkey-stenographer duty.

    Or . . . Is that where you’ve been getting your content all along?  Was Kody the true author of A Gent To The Stars?

  10. Cats, can’t live with dem, can’t live wit’out dem. Gotta go let the dog out, so long… Oo, ooh, cat’s onna big box.

    This was weird, yesterday UPS drops off a big box I never ordered, shipping address all good, full of pink flamingos. Shipped by someone I never heard of. Cat is on that box. Mysterious… who would send ME 24 pink flamingos, using a pseudomyn ????

  11. willisgarycpa – Victoria, BC, Canada – Retired life-long Texan after 27 years in Public Accounting as an MBA Certified Public Accountant and 18 years in Education as an MA-English Teacher, now relocated summer 2018 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to continue decades long self-employed career as a Poet and Writer.
    Gary Willis

    Ooooo, a cat picture. My day is made.

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