New Books and ARCs, 6/14/17

Personally I find it reassuring that no matter what, new books and ARCs keep coming along. Here’s today’s stack. What here is on your own personal “to get” list?

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  1. So which of us almost had a coronary at seeing a new Gabaldon? (It’s Outlander novellas and not a new book in the series.)

  2. Books ARE a comfort.* My mother has been known to say, “Books make me feel rich.”
    I think she might prefer actual wealth, (so she could buy more books?), but she has made a good go as it is. There is not a book-free space in sight in her house, and there are a couple thou in our shared kindle account.
    * I am not so much a cat person, so I am stuck with inanimate sources.

  3. Katana at Super Hero High is a licensed set of books based on the DC Super Hero Girls line of action figures. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

  4. I picked up Yoon Ha Lee’s new book Raven Stratagum. Loved the first one, quickly working through this one (the second)

  5. Well, I wanted to say something about Dr Gribbleflotz (sp?) on the previous pile of books, but comments were closed!! Darn! You gotta ease up on the short time we have to jump and say something!!! Anyways, I like the 1632 stories, having grown up in Grantsville and just missed the time slip… well, kinda.

    I could hear the mine when I stayed at my Grandma’s. So there! And wife was a union officer, also too.

    This time:

    Bones of the Earth has a ring to it, as does Now I Rise…

    I would spend some time looking over At the Table of Wolves, and The City of Brass, although steampunk, meh, some are fun, but meh… if you’re going to invent a mysterious energy source, why not plug it into a starship? instead of a brass robot? But no substitute for holding a book, and reading the first few pages, and the summary inside the front, or on the back.

  6. Forgive me if you’ve answered this before, but what do you think of the Correia’s writing? (I’m a fan of both your books and his, so this isn’t asked in order to stir anything up. I’m genuinely curious and love when writers examine other writers’ work.)

  7. I picked up Hough’s last trilogy based on a Big Idea from here, and I loved every page. Can’t wait to read his new stuff!

  8. There was a hugo nominated book called Bones of the Earth. Isn’t it kind of weird to reuse the exact same book name in the same genre?

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