How to Get an Old Man’s War eBook Free (in the US/Canada) Through June 21st

Just join the eBook of the Month Club! It’s that simple.

You ask: “But how do I join the eBook of the Month Club?” Well, here’s a link! (Note: After June 21st 2017, you can still sign up for the club, but Old Man’s War will no longer be on offer. Sorry.)

You also ask: “But why only the US and Canada?” The answer here is: That’s where Tor has the rights! Other publishers have the rights elsewhere. And they’re not part of’s eBook of the Month Club.

You also also ask: “But I already own Old Man’s War and have incorporated all its teachings into my personal worldview. What now?” I say: Then let your friends who have not read the book and might be interested in it know that it’s available for free for the next few days. That’s right, share the joy of John Perry, Jane Sagan and the Colonial Union! I mean, I’m not saying go door to door asking people if they’ve heard the good news about the Colonial Defense Forces. But, if someone says “I don’t know what to read next,” this is a good thing to slip into conversation.

You also also also ask: “But, Scalzi, you’re giving away your classic of modern science fiction for free — how will you feed your adorable family and pets?” Well, you know. I’ll find some way. Selling blood plasma, perhaps. And anyway, Old Man’s War has done well by me for the last dozen years. I can occasionally let it go as a freebie for a couple of days to bring in new readers. If they like what they read, I have 11 other novels (including five more in the OMW series) they might be willing to pay for after that. It’s worked that way before, anyway.

So, go on — enjoy! And tell a friend or two.

13 Comments on “How to Get an Old Man’s War eBook Free (in the US/Canada) Through June 21st”

  1. I was wondering when the next Tor eBook of the Month would be out!

  2. Old Man’s War was the book of yours that I read. I fell in love with the idea and the story. Great offer!

  3. I got it free way back when gave it away in 2008. I have since bought the rest of the series and others. So I’m proof it works!

  4. I picked up a paperback of OMW at a Little Free Library about…six? years ago. I’ve since bought every title in the series, some multiple times (for gifts). So anecdotally at least, The System Works.

    I held on to that first paperback for years, eventually brought it to a Scalzi appearance, got him to sign it, and returned it to the Little Free Library. Go, Little book!

  5. larnotlars – Denver – I am a veterinarian by day, but play blacksmith by days off... I also like to build computers and slay denziens on said computers.... politically I am libertarian left with a little Heineinesce attitude towards foreign powers (real, not idiots with rpg's and delusions of global power...) I also like warm cookies, puppies and backrubs

    You, were vague (accidentally???) about WHOSE blood/plasma you were planning on selling…

    Is it true that ScamperBeast plasma allows you to select 3 extra perks on your next level up???

  6. As someone who originally discovered Old Man’s War through’s inaugural “Watch The Skies” giveaway (along with other great authors like Peter Watts and Brandon Sanderson), and now owns all of Scalzi’s books, I can provide anecdotal confirmation that this kind of promotion works. Here’s to the next generation of Scalzi fans!

  7. @larnotlars
    John wouldn’t dream of selling his pets plasma- it would be unthinkable. His family’s however…..

  8. @Farex: that is essentially how my experience with “Watch The Skies” went. OMW, Blindsight, Mistborn, Spin, and half of James SA Corey all inspired me to devour moar books. What a great time to be a sci-fi aficionado!

  9. I think I first read a library copy of OMW. It was also my first Scalzi, and I was definitely hooked. I’ve since read the entire series and pretty much everything else I could find that you’ve written. Since I already bought my very own copy I passed on the news of the free copy to my book group, but there are probably only 2 or 3 that might be interested. Science fiction, after all. Sigh.

  10. So if I sign up for this, I’m not going to find Brain Salad Surgery and Best of the Doors in my mailbox next month, right?

  11. “If they like what they read, I have 11 other novels (including five more in the OMW series) they might be willing to pay for after that. It’s worked that way before, anyway.”

    Hooked on Scalzi – it worked for me!

    I think I got OMW through a Humble Bundle, and the rest of your books through Amazon soon after…if I hadn’t bought OMW for my mother for xmas a couple of years ago, I’d tell her about this.

  12. Let me reassure Jon H, I have been receiving Tor’s monthly e books for several months now. Nothing ever arrives but the books that I want to download. It’s a great intro. I’m downloading this, as I’ve already given away my copy.

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