New Books and ARCs, 6/16/17

Just in time for the weekend, this collection of very excellent new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. Let us know which of these trigger your “I gotta have that” reflex, down in the comments.

19 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/16/17”

  1. My kids ate up the LG Babymouse series, so I’m definitely keepign an eye out for this MG title.

  2. Matt Bowes:

    I get the occasional ebook ARC, but I don’t show them off in the book stacks for obvious reasons. Inasmuch as I suspect publicists send me the books in order to have them be seen in the stack pictures, I mostly get physical copies.

  3. Whatever do you do with all those physical copies eventually? If you kept them all they would fill over time all the cubic space within your home! Force you out of doors or into a much bigger house.

  4. Do you ever have to buy a book any more? Or do you get pretty much everything that tickles your fancy? (I get gazillions of e-copies, as I’m a reviewer, but it seems I’m still buying additional gazillions of books.)

  5. I recently learned about paranormal were- romance (from the discussion on a work advice blog) so I’m interested in Bearly a Lady.

  6. OOoh, Unkindness of Magicians! I recently read Roses & Rot and so I’m looking forward to Kat Howard’s next.

  7. I was going to go with “Meddling Kids” but really only because of the pretty colours, then I saw “An Unkindeness of Magicians” … What a great title!

  8. Just read about Bearly a Lady on today, it sounds interesting. Besides, I’m starting to like the novella format more and more. Recently I have less time for reading, and this is the perfect size for me. Glad that print novellas are becoming more popular.

  9. J.F. Dubeau. I read book one and I’ve known this one was coming for a while. Now that I see Mr Scalzi has a copy I’ll be able to nag my local bookstore about where my copy is.

  10. The Kevin Hearnes look good, and also Book of Swords and Years Best. More for the to read list.!