What We Were Doing, 22 Years Ago Today

It was a good day. And a good life since.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

47 replies on “What We Were Doing, 22 Years Ago Today”

Good grief. You look far more mature. Krissy looks substantially the same, bar an amazingly attractive gray streak. How does she DO that? You are each lucky in the other. Good wishes for another 22 + 22 more.

Congratulations and hope you have a great anniversary.

Twenty-two years from now will be 2039… Where do you expect to be for that one?

“Repeat your vows in Tranquility City … Come for the history, stay for the views!”

Holey moley, look at your BABY FACE!! :-D And it’s true, your gorgeous wife hasn’t aged a bit – kinda spooky.

Congrats to both of you!

Going to your high school prom? Because that’s how young you look there.

Happy Anniversary (and Father’s Day)!

PS – You’re still 24 years behind us and always will be.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father’s Day too! Krissy looks the same now as she did on your wedding day..lovely! That’s got to mean you’ve made her happy all of these years! Good job sir! Here’s to your next 22!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father’s Day. Hope it was a great one for both of you! You guys look awesome, so glad to see a marriage going strong after 22 years!

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