A New Addition to the Midnight Star Universe

If you’re a fan of the Midnight Star video games I helped create, here’s something fun for you: John Shirley, legendary writer and lyricist, has written “Purgatorio,” a serialized story set in the Midnight Star universe. He’s written it for Bound, a new company (and iOS app) specializing in serialized fiction. Which is pretty cool.

And, it’s the first time someone’s done media tie-in work for a universe I helped to create. Which is also pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

Here’s the post on Bound’s site talking about the story. If you have an iOS device you can also download the app there.

4 Comments on “A New Addition to the Midnight Star Universe”

  1. Wow. That is really cool. And also almost amazingly meta. I didn’t realize he wrote for Blue Oyster Cult.

  2. but like the game and graphic novel themselves, no Android version

    I haz an immense tech sad :((

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