Stars and Fireflies, 6/24/17

I finally got out the tripod, and it makes a difference. This is one you’ll want to see the big version of.

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  1. So the tripod helped a little bit? Sweet!! It is a pretty photo full size.

    What are the exposure numbers? ISO, exposure, aperture, camera? Nikon or Canon?

    Have you thought about the solar eclipse in August? You aren’t that far from the totality band in western Kentucky. I’ve got my filters and solar glasses, and a room reserved for 2 nights in Owensboro, right on the river and 25 miles from the totality path center.

    Now if the sun shines that day!!

  2. Nice … brings back a memory: I remember warm summer nights in suburban New York when I was growing up: fireflies, twinkling stars, ice cream on the patio as the neighbor played piano on his veranda. Like a scene out of “Dandelion Wine” … :-)

  3. Ooh, pretty. :-) I haven’t seen a firefly in decades as we don’t have any in the UK, but your photos have inspired me to go and look up how to find glowworms.

    JR in WV – even with complete cloud cover, a total solar eclipse is spectacular. I wrote up my impression of the cloud-covered eclipse in Cornwall in 1999. I have no regrets about the time and money I spent getting to it.

  4. Very, very cool. I am still struggling with the very basics of the D-SLR I splurged on a year ago, and you give me something to aspire to. At my age, I may never get past the point of using the auto mode for nearly everything, but at least I know that in theory more is possible.

    By the way, speaking of photos, I’ve also been enjoying your recent addition to the Whatever banner rotation, the one of Daisy and a Scamperbeast reclining side-by-side. Is that Spice? Her face looks like Spice’s (doesn’t appear to have the half-and-half nose), but I thought it was Sugar who had bonded with Daisy. Regardless, the photo makes me grin every time it appears – much like the photo of Zeus bounding after Spice does, in fact.

  5. Your trees have constellations! How wonderful!
    Fireflies are one of my favorite creatures on Earth.
    I’ve often thought that if we ever get a visit from friendly aliens, that I want them to be sure to see the fireflies and the butterflies while they’re here.

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