My Denver Comic Con Schedule

Hey! I’m going to Denver Comic Con this weekend! I’ll be on panels and signing books! Here is my schedule!


Laughter in the Face of Disaster (Friday 6/30 11AM Room 407),

Military Scifi an Institution (Friday 6/30 3PM DCCP4 – Keystone City Room),

Fight the Power! Fiction for Political Change (Friday 6/30 4:30PM Room 402),

The Writing Process of Best Sellers (Saturday 7/1 12PM Room 407),

The Hardness Scale – Is Fiction Better Squishy or Solid? (Saturday 7/1 3PM Room 407),

Economics, Value and Motivating Your Character (Sunday 7/2 11AM Room 407).


Friday 6/30 from 1PM-2:50PM at Tattered Cover Signing Booth 2,

Saturday 7/1 from  10:30AM-11:50PM at the Tattered Cover Signing Booth,

Sunday 7/2 from 2PM-4PM at Tattered Cover Signing Booth 2.

Come see me!

Also, thanks to Sisters in Geek, who collected up this information in this article on my and other authors’ schedules, so I didn’t have to. You’re the best, Sisters in Geek!

12 Comments on “My Denver Comic Con Schedule”

  1. These are excellent, interesting, Scalzi-ish topics and I am insanely jealous of those of you who are going.

  2. I have to ask: what is squishy fiction? I even tried thinking of it as “not solid” but that didn’t help. Can you give any examples? Lack of a strong (solid) structure? I’m confused.

  3. How come every time you are in Colorado, I happen to be out of town? Are you avoiding me?

  4. Re “Fight the Power! Fiction for Political Change”

    I remember watching a discussion for the 25 year anniversary of Do the Right Thing. Its still a great movie. And its still entirely relevant because not a damn thing has changed about racism in America.

    It was very depressing.