New Books and ARCs, 6/27/17

We interrupt this Tuesday afternoon to bring this fresh stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What here is a book you would like in your possession? Tell us in the comments!

23 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/27/17”

  1. A new Caitlin Kiernan from Subterranean Press is always a treat.
    I don’t know anything about The Hearts We Sold but that’s a great title, so I’ll take a look.

  2. Max Brooks wrote a minecraft book?

    I’m very unsure of how I feel about reading that.

  3. Tropic of Kansas is the standout by title, the one that makes me do a doubletake and ask, What’s that about?

  4. Seems to me “Tropic of Kansas” showed up here before. Perhaps this is a newer edition?

  5. First thought: There’s a novelization of Minecraft?!
    Second thought: Max Brooks? I liked World War Z!

    I’m with Trey Goesh feeling conflicted… but it’s making me curious.

  6. The Kiernan and the Spencer for sure, probably the Joe Hill and maybe the Turtledove.

  7. I came here to comment on the Max Brooks thing and not only am I not the first but the previous two comments share my exact perspective. I can’t think of a franchise I’d be less interested in novelizations of, but MB is probably in my top 20 “I’ll try anything they write” list.

  8. Not really germane to the question at hand, but I only found out that Joe Hill is Stephen King’s kid a few hours ago. Is this common knowledge?

  9. @FossilFishy, it’s pretty common knowledge I think — not as much when he only had a couple of books out. His book is the one I’d most like to read from this pile, maybe the Minecraft one too.

  10. It’s common knowledge if you’ve seen a picture of Joe Hill, he looks a lot like his dad. He dropped the “King” so he could try to make it on his own, a commendable goal, but I imagine the jig was up as soon as the agent met him!

    I’ve enjoyed all his books but one. I like Caitlin Kiernan too.

  11. Joe Hill’s STRANGE WEATHER is very good. (Yes, I had an early e-arc, and had to read it immediately.) Four novellas, all wonderful — though I found the first to be especially good.

  12. Turtledove just because he’s obligatory for any AH fan.

    honestly, though, he really needs a better editor because he falls into bad habits way too much these days.

  13. (Begins secret underground tunnel to steal your copy of Strange Weather, Mole Man style…)

  14. Trey Goesh says:

    Max Brooks wrote a minecraft book?

    I’m very unsure of how I feel about reading that.

    World War Z has Zombies, Minecraft has Creepers. Not that much of a jump really. Maybe they’ll make a movie out of his Minecraft novel starring Brad Pitt! ;)

  15. Infinite Ground was one of the ones covered by the “shadow clarke” blog and they definitely made it sound interesting.

  16. I imagine Joe Hill used his pen name to step out of his father’s shadow, and also while Joe King would be a good authors name for a book of humour, not so much for a horror writer.

  17. A collection of William Browning Spencer stories is a must get. Having read the Joe Hill short story “The Cape” recently, I am curious about trying more from him.

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