View From a Hotel Window, 6/30/17: Denver

I actually took this photo on the 29th, local time (which it still is when I post this), but because Whatever is on Eastern time, it’ll show up as the 30th. Time zones! They are freaky.

In any event, after some delay, I am now in Denver, in my hotel room, which I think is larger than my first apartment, and nicer, too.

There was one silver lining to the plane delay: I flew into Denver during the sunset, and it looked like this:

Yes, that’ll do.

Now to get some room service and sleep, hopefully in that order.

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 6/30/17: Denver”

  1. Denver is nice enough
    Reminds me a lot of where I grew up

    My home town is nicer of course :P

  2. Holey mother of cheese, that sunset photo is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, your books are good and all, but you’re a goddamn poet with the camera.

  3. Is this where I rush to defend the “potato” in your daughter’s tweet? Yes. Yes it is:
    Daisy is obviously a good dog (not a potato) who deserves treats!

    Also, first I only viewed Twitter on your sidebar. And now I go there to read some context. You are a corrupting influence, sir!

    Also, also, I think your obligatory parking lot, while splendid in number, is insufficiently illuminated.

  4. Beautiful airborne photo. Reminds me of a time my family was traveling from Alaska to Georgia, had to spend the night in the Minneapolis airport because bad weather grounded our evening flight, finally got on a plane in the morning (in the pouring rain), and when we got above the clouds it was a heavenly-choir moment like that. *Almost* made the miserable night worthwhile.

  5. I’m working at DCC this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get a little time off to attend one of your panels!

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