Denver Comic Con Check-in

I’m alive. And busy! How are you?

11 Comments on “Denver Comic Con Check-in”

  1. Laughing because I just read an anecdote from someone who bought a large catnip plant with the intention to dry the leaves for her cats, but forgot that as soon as she planted it the cats would find it…

  2. Catnip! Our lovely little family-run local Garden Center, which is unfortunately now defunct, used to have catnip planted outside. They put rectangular cages over the plants. This resulted in rectangular plants because they were exceptionally well groomed right to the wire.

  3. Great panel on best sellers at DCC, thanks! I really enjoyed the discussion about task prioritization as careers develop, and your overview of best seller lists. Best stuff I heard all day.

  4. I liked your panel on hard vs squishy science fiction. I missed a bit of it because the acoustics in the room were not very good, so even though I sat in the front row, I still didn’t hear everything. Not your fault, or anyone else’s really, and it didn’t keep me from enjoying the panel.

  5. In Canada it’s the equivalent of the fourth of July: Canada’s birthday. Being too nerdy to face the big crowds and line ups I avoided all the park celebrations. Instead I went to oldbfavourite comic book stores.

    Also, for it’s second year removed from the (Queen) Victoria (‘s birthday) Day (the day stands in for the current monarch) our local Japanese otaku festival is downtown at the big convention centre. I don’t like certain changes that I noticed last year, so I avoided it. Besides, I have figurines and posters still uncrated from the last couple years.

    So I ended up watching episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles at my house. Over Guiness draught.

  6. Having a day off. Sitting in my in-law’s lounge room in front of the wood heater trying to figure out how to get out of helping with the sheep shearing tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

  7. Doing well! Was at DCC myself, but forgot my phone and lived in an odd world without time, wandering around the Dealer’s hall checking out all the indie art. Had a great time.

  8. I tried to type “I am learning Italian” in Italian, but autocorrupt turned it into “So I’m a random l’italiano!” Grazie autocorrupt. Aside from that, I am having a fine and relaxing weekend, reading Walkaway. Ciao for now.

  9. I just finished reading “The Collapsing Empire”. (I know I’m late to the party. There were a lot of holds on it at the library.) What was the lie, John?! WHAT WAS IT