Today’s New Books and ARCs, 7/7/17

Hey, look, another stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. Just in time for the weekend! Tell us in the comments which looks compulsively readable to you.

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  1. Shadows and Reflections. *SIGH*

    Straight Outta Tombstone, based on the title alone!

  2. I completely enjoyed Ann Leckie’s “ancillary” series. I look forward to see what she does next.

  3. I’m reading the Flint now (well, not this minute, but have started it and plan to get back to it in a few minutes). Pretty sure I read the Dickson years ago. Decades, actually. Will probably get the Leckie and maybe the Taylor/Nye.

  4. Much like DavidNOE: – I’ll probably get the Flint, Leckie and Taylor.Nye.

  5. Mog: Yeahhh… Please don’t tell me that’s the next redo Hollywood has in mind. They usually start bringing out sequels when they intend to do something to the original property.

  6. A heads up on the Zelazny anthology. It’s not a collection of stories written by him but rather other writers writing in the style of him. There’s been at least two other such collections. If you seriously want all the Zelazny you’ll ever want NESFA sells a five book collection of the shorter works of him — poems, short stories and so forth.

  7. Sea of Rust! Can’t go past a title like that. Sounds like a car I used to have.

  8. Oh, I just had to look, didn’t I? Haha, wow, this batch really got me. Next stop, ebook store for orders/pre-orders.

    New Ann Leckie, Provenance, check. — I already had this on pre-order. Very fine new author.

    Wolfling by Gordon R. Dickson — Isn’t this.a reissue of a 70’5/80’s title? I recall one where he has a human hero among aliens, where the human is the “wolfling.” There’s also the good post-apocalyptic Wolf and Iron in the former USA midwest. Heck, I’d get both. I think I already have Timescape, and if I’ve got the author wrong on that, my apologies to both authors.

    Dark Crystal I’ve seen videos on YouTube saying Netflix and Jim Henson Studios are teaming up for a Dark Crystal series, using, as much as possible, the same practical effects and animatronics / Muppets as they did on the original movie, and many of the same people. It looked *good*. (It’s been ages since I rewatched the movie. Think I’ll do so this weekend.)

    The Straight Outta Tombstone sounds great just from the title. Heck, I get the impression all this batch are good reads. But that gets my top 3 or 4 of the bunch.

  9. John, I’ve been wondering how many of these you get the chance to read? Even if you only read one per stack, that’s still a lot of reading! I’m envious of all the books you get, but I’ve bought several books from seeing your ARC stacks, so I appreciate it.

  10. Shadows and Reflections was at least authorized by the family. One of the editors is his son Trent (the other is Warren Lapine). I’m really looking forward to seeing what they ended up with–they’re all stories in Zelazny’s worlds (except Amber).

  11. Ann Leckie’s new book “Provenace.” Like your works, I was introduced to her works by an English professor whom I’m friends with at the University where we work. I wish I could meet you tonight at the University of Dayton, but sadly I’m unable. Hopefully you’ll visit the Dayton area again in the near future.

  12. All look fascinating, but alas, since I have not the wampum or the time to browse either a book store or Amazon, I shall have to wait to see if roughly 1/50th of those titles make it my public library. Even then, unless the jacket synopsis piques my curiosity (especially with authors I’ve never heard of before), the book will remain unread.

    Such is the life of the working poor.

  13. I’m looking forward to Provenance but the names are going to be distracting. As a dedicated Bujold fan, “Ingray” is going to look like a typo – that I will read as male – every single time.

  14. @Harry: Eh, if I could get used to Riku and Rikku being different characters of opposite gender, I can adjust to Ingray and Ingrey too. At least they’re from different universes.

    Also +1 to the trend of “New Leckie, must have”.

    New Zelazny would be even more so, but I’m pretty sure he’s dead, so it can’t really be new.

  15. Ann Leckie, always. Eric Flint always. Noumenon sounds interesting. Some of Travis Taylor’s stuff is good, Jody Lynn Nye is good too.

    Just finished Neal Stephenson/ Nicole Galland D.O.D.O., fascinating book about the death and resurrection of Magic, quantum mechanics won’t be a spoiler. I like almost all of his stuff, but bought most of the Mongoliad series of books on that basis, and didn’t like it at all. couldn’t get through either of the 2 books I started, now they will just lay around until I donate them to the library.

    There’s a new Laundry series novel coming out I think in just a couple of days, so anxious to get hold of that.

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