Tonight’s Song I am Mangling on the Guitar

It’s a lovely song and one of my favorites from this band. I need to practice it a lot more.

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  1. Aww. I use “Better Be Home Soon” as a warm-up on the ukulele. Crowded House just writes perfect jewels of songs.

  2. Nice. My personal favorite is Don’t Dream It’s Over. Crowded House or Neil Finn solo, that song is perfection, and I’ll fight you if you disagree.

  3. The band of my adolescence. Holy Grail is another great one of theirs. Have you listened to any Paul Kelly? His greatest hits album will have you laughing, crying and holding your loved ones closer. Check it out!!

  4. I think you sound great!

    (What? That was TOO him playing! Oh, go away! You’re just more fake news!)

    Sorry, John, but you sound fantastic, no matter the liberal media says.

  5. “Better Be Home Soon” has been my anthem for nearly thirty years. The idea that self-esteem trumps heartache got me through a few breakups.

    Has it really been that long? So much of the music I listen to is from the 1980s, and it still seems new to me because I remember the time before I discovered it.

  6. I like the Finn brothers’ in all their incarnations and suggest a listen to Neil’s “7 Worlds Collide” (or, better, look out for the 2 disc DVD with both the “7 Worlds Collide” & “7 Years Apart” concerts). “She Will Have Her Way” has female Aussie/NZ artists covering Split Enz/Crowded House/solo songs – some closer to the originals than others (I like the rocked up version of Split Enz’s “Charlie” by Sophie Koh).

  7. Thank you for posting this! I feel like this song doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for the absolutely beautiful piece it is. It almost always brings a tear to my eye.

  8. figtree23: “Holy Grail” was Hunters and Collectors. (Sorry, Aussie here, I’m required to be pedantic about this or I could lose my citizenship).

    The one I had running through my head when I saw the preview for this one in WordPress was “Dust From A Distant Sun”, which may not even be on the “Woodface” album, but is definitely Crowded House.

  9. The Finn brothers gave us amazing tunes, from Split Enz initial upbeat punk offerings (I have all their old albums somewhere in storage) to mellower Crowded House compilations, all good. Mellower favorites: “The Devil You Know,” “Bon Voyage” (Split Enz), “Four Seasons in One Day,” & “Pineapple Head” (Crowded House.)

    John Scalzi, I thought you were cool before, but now you are REALLY COOL.

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