Win This ARC of “Don’t Live For Your Obituary”

Here’s Sugar curling up with a good book, in this case the ARC of Don’t Live For Your Obituary, my upcoming collection of essays about writing and the writing life, which comes out in December from Subterranean Press. And you can win it! Here’s how:

Tell me in the comments which Beatles song I am thinking of right now.

That’s it!

The person who correctly guesses which Beatles song I am thinking of wins. In the case where more than one person correctly guesses, I will number the correct guesses in order of appearance and then use a random number generator to select the winner among them.

“Beatles song” in this case means a song recorded by the Beatles, and includes both original songs by the band, and the cover songs they recorded. Solo work does not count. Here’s a list of songs recorded by the Beatles, if you need it. The song I’m thinking of is on it.

Guess only one song. Posts with more than one guess will have only the first song considered. Posts not related to guessing a song will be deleted. Also, only one post per person — additional posts will be deleted.

This contest is open to everyone everywhere in the world, and runs until the comments here automatically shut off (which will be around 3:50pm Eastern time, Sunday, July 23rd). When you post a comment, leave a legit email address in the “email” field so I can contact you. I’ll also announce the winner here on Monday, July 24. I’ll mail the ARC to you, signed (and personalized, if so requested).

Kitten not included.

Also remember you can pre-order the hardcover edition of Obit from Subterranean Press. This is a signed, limited edition — there are only 1,000 being made — and they’ve already had a healthy number of pre-orders. So don’t wait if you want one.

Now: Guess which Beatles song I am thinking of! And good luck!

597 Comments on “Win This ARC of “Don’t Live For Your Obituary””

  1. Reminder:

    1 guess, 1 post per person. Additional guesses will be ignored, additional posts will be deleted. Off topic comments will be deleted.

    Also, it will help if you spell accurately.

    Also, also: Email in the email field when you fill out your comment NOT in the actual comment field (unless you’re cool with everyone everywhere knowing your email address).

  2. Revolution. (and I want a cat.) (that’s not a Beatles song, I just want a cat.)

  3. Here, There, and Everywhere – because for some reason it just attacked me as an earworm.

  4. The End

    I know. I won but my email is false, so someone else will get the goods.

  5. Across The Universe..of course! Thanks for all the great novels and short stories and for keeping me broke!

  6. I can’t see my original, so this may be a duplicate, but with the same answer:

    I’m looking through you.

  7. “When I’m Sixty-Four”

    Tip to other guessers: search for a unique word in your guess to see if someone else has already guessed it.

  8. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Presuming I won’t win, I am looking forward to the official release!

  9. “A Day in the Life” – I read the news today, oh my, about a lucky man who made the grade. . .

  10. “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” (because of how you met your wife ^_^)

  11. “Paperback Writer” seems to obvious, which is why I think it’s not obvious enough. And only a devious author would think of that without thinking of that, suggesting that he’s not obvious. Yet John Scalzi is a name that sounds vaguely possibly maybe potentially Italian, which in most maps includes Sicily. And since there’s plenty of land wars in Asia and something something about Sicilians, I’ll just look over there for a moment as you distract me and do something devious.

    I may thank you for it later.

  12. Regardless of which song you were thinking of, the first to post Paperback Writer & Maxwell’s Silver Hammer should get autographed copies.

  13. I’ve checked both geomancy and the I Ching and they both say that you’re thinking of

    Think for Yourself

    written by George Harrison and on the excellent Rubber Soul album.

  14. When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now. Will you still be sending me a Valentine? Birthday greetings? Bottle of wine?

    When I’m 64

  15. Hmm, obituaries and what Host would miss most in life?

    “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party”

    Though I’ve had a drink or two and I don’t care
    There’s no fun in what I do if she’s not there
    I wonder what went wrong I’ve waited far too long
    I think I’ll take a walk and look for her

    One of the only actual Beatles recordings of the song on the intarwebs

    In Memoriam for that ‘most beta of males’ who managed to attract with a wily way a (now, Southern Gentlemen, please adjust your expectations for the salaciousness of this very dark reveal) a woman who is taller than him.

    I know reader, we almost dropped our iced sweet tea in shock, the sheer outlandish perversity of the affair!

  16. You Won’t See Me (in honor of your non-appearance at SDCC this weekend?)

  17. Ah – we don’t do emails.
    In the extremely unlikely event that our guess was correct (but, oh… such a good guess, not your usual Beatles choices ahoy!), please sign copy, finger print in blood on it & auction / put to charity prize of your choice at whichever Con Space wants to host it.

    Or just give it to someone worthwhile ;)

  18. Hey Jude! (I had a cat I called Jude because she was deaf. Was that mean?)

  19. If it isnt “paperback writer”, you should turn in your paperback writer union card.

  20. I’m going with… A Day In The Life!
    Truthfully though, you’re a very sick man, and as a result of that, you could have been thinking of Mister Moonlight ! Lol

  21. Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

    Nice. The Irony of this entire post is that Paul has made sure that the originals are very very hard to find on the intarwebs. All the People, spamming names that no longer can be found in their original modality unless you want cover bands.

    @Host –

    Whatever – but your audience just proved that they’re not authentic nor are they real. They sure as shit ain’t listening to it…


    The Democratic Party of the USA are … slaves to Money.


  22. And… Irony:

    That’s the Soviet Put-Down… but actually accurate reproduction including the entire “Beach Boys” refrain piss take. Wait? You didn’t know that back in the USSR has a refrain that’s a Beach Boy piss take?

    Oh, right. You just spam the names / melodies and don’t understand the music.

    // Americans – not really getting the Beatles, so fuck it.


    Grow up: you’re fucked, and you need to start playing Hard or they’ll kill you.

  23. Paperback Writer. At least that’s the one I thought of immediately when you said “Guess the Beatles’ song”.

  24. (wow, three other “Kittens” and a “Cool Cats”. I like the way some of you think.)

  25. Do you happen to know if this will be an e-book, too? Doesn’t how up as one to pre-order on the usual suspects.

  26. Penny Lane.

    It’s Saturday. Birds are tweeting, Breakfast is slow and quiet. The day is open and welcoming. The world still sucks.

  27. I don’t know if my first comment went through, the page went wonky so I apologize if this is a duplicate.
    A Day in The Life

  28. That’s obvious: Got To Get You Into My Life.

    Well it was the first one that popped into my head.

  29. My girlfriend and I had a Beatles song that was our song. Here, There, and Everywhere. I’ll guess that one though I doubt that is it.

  30. in honor of the daughter-unit going off the college in a few week’s, I’m going with: “She’s Leaving Home” from Sgt. Pepper’s

  31. For some reason, three specific songs immediately came into my head. Since I have to choose only one, I’ll go with “Rocky Raccoon.”

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