Blacklight Sunset

Because sometimes it’s fun to play with Photoshop’s sliders and see what you come up with. This is what happens (in part) when you push the “dehaze” slider all the way to the right. The real sunset didn’t look like this (it looked like this), but I think it might be cool to live on a planet where the sunset did look like that, every once in a while.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

12 Comments on “Blacklight Sunset”

  1. *Pretty!* In a stunning sort of way, that is. I don’t know enough science to even begin to guess what it would take to get such sunsets on any planet, but I’m right there with you in thinking it would be cool to live there. In the meanwhile, huzzahs for Photoshop & the creative mine that enjoys playing with its tools.

  2. Looks like the cover of a sci-fi paperback. Maybe, a character in foreground? Keep it in mind if you wright the proper universe for it.

  3. Maybe that’s what it looked like on the planet we came from. 😉 Your original photo is gorgeous as is.

  4. Nice photo! Love the magenta colors in the sky. I’ll have to remember to try more extreme settings on art photos like that.

    Here, after a week of temps in the 90s it’s only mid-70s this afternoon, thankfully, as the power went off last night around 12 or 1 am during a long series of violent thunderstorms. Still dry and cool inside which is good. We have a Generac generator which powers lights and appliances, but is not beefy enough to run the whole house A/C. Nor the submerged pump which is 800 feet from the house with it’s own power drop.

    Currently they theorize that we’ll get grid power back by midnight tonight. Our neighbor has a small generator also, which is why we have sat network linkage. Our dish is at his house, where you can see the sats. Our house is in a dark cove, cooler but remote from sat service.