The Winner of the “Obit” ARC Contest

First: Which Beatles song was I thinking of? If you want to hear me sing it, here it is:

If you’d rather hear the Beatles sing it (which, to be fair, is probably the better choice) it’s here:

And for those of you who don’t wish to hear either version (or can’t, for whatever reason): It’s “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

There were three of you who correctly picked the tune I was thinking of, and of the three, my random number generator (“Alexa, pick a number between one and three”) picked “one” and so the winner is Maudie, who was the first to suggest it. Congratulations, Maudie!

Remember that the signed limited hardcover of Don’t Live For Your Obituary is now available for pre-order from Subterranean Press. There will also be an eBook edition, but it’s not available for pre-order yet.

Thank you to everyone who entered! This was a fun one.

13 Comments on “The Winner of the “Obit” ARC Contest”

  1. Scalzi, 1997: Krissy, pick a number between one and three.
    Scalzi, 2007: Athena, pick a number between one and three.
    Scalzi, 2017: Alexa, pick a number between one and three.

    The times, they are a changin’….

  2. Also big on Beatles. I’ve just seen a face is an “up” tune — a good one to get lots of work done by. Pre-ordered and looking forward.

  3. Shouldn’t “two” have been Alexa’s only possible choice? This whole thing’s rigged!

  4. Oh man! I was one of the other two who guessed it but didn’t win. Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to buy it then. Congratulations, Maudie!

  5. Actually, that’s not a bad cover you did- you even sound a bit like John Lennon.

  6. Scalzi 2027: Scamperbeasts, pick a number between 1 and 3.

    [disdainful stare]

    After the implants they can speak and understand English and do complex math. But they are still cats.

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