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The Big Idea: Martha Wells

All good things come to an end, and for The Harbors of the Sun, the last book in Martha Wells’ Raksura series, the author takes a look at how she got here, and what the series, and the journey of writing it, has meant to her. MARTHA WELLS: After four novels, and two novella collections, […]

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In Which I Trespass Against Dan Wells at Denver Comic Con, and He Exacts His Fitting Revenge, a Tale Told in Two Tweets

So no one came to my signing, and then @scalzi came to say hi, and then someone came with books BY HIM SO HE COULD SIGN THEM AT MY SIGNING. — Dan Wells (@TheDanWells) July 2, 2017 Revenge.@scalzi — Dan Wells (@TheDanWells) July 2, 2017 That’s fair.  In other news, at the airport […]

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