Today in Dogs and Cats Living Together

It’s Daisy and Spice. Enjoy.

9 Comments on “Today in Dogs and Cats Living Together”

  1. I see Spice is using cats’ ‘Blur’ superpower to cloud our minds in the first two photos. Spooky!

  2. “And here we see an Ohio Cat-shark, circling their unwitting prey, waiting for a moment of distraction before they strike without mercy.”

  3. Great pet pics. Sadly, pets don’t live as long as their human partners, so chronicaling their existense via photography allows them to live on beyond the time we actually share with them.

  4. I do like the way that you’ve juxtaposed the possibly sinister figure lurking in the distance, as Daisy maintains her status as calmest dog on the planet, with the sheer pleasure of Spice arriving for cat on dog cuddle…

  5. There’s a definite advantage to cats versus spud ghosts: With a cat, you don’t have to worry about, “I’ve been slimed!” — Loving the pics of Daisy and Spice. Though I do wonder what Sugar and Zeus were up to while Daisy and Spice had you quite distracted! :D

    Of note: Ghostbusters 1 had just come out the winter before my college freshman “orientation camp,” which was basically an excuse for a bunch of entering freshmen to get together for a few weeks to party at a summer camp out in the country. Naturally, the last night, we all danced to two of the Ghostbusters movie songs. Haha, very awesome memory.

    Also, back in the day, “orientation” was about finding your way around, rather than the more specific sort of orientation I was still struggling with at the time. Heh. (Hmm, an orientation camp to deal with that could have been even more helpful, really. Might’ve gotten through college the first time around that way. Ah, well. I’m not sure what it would’ve taken to pry my fingernails loose from the closet at the time. Live and learn!

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