New Books and ARCs, 8/4/17

We’re trundling toward the weekend, with a nifty stack of new books and ARCs to peruse. See anything here you’d like to put on your own “to be read” stack? Tell us in the comments!

14 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 8/4/17”

  1. I first read the Hemstreet as The Gor Peak and, God help me, I was curious.

    Speaking of guilty pleasures, I do want to read the new Monster Hunters book. They’re fun action reads. I tried the first of the sub-series by John Ringo and hoo boy was that a bad book.

  2. Eagerly looking forward to reading The Other Land by Sarah Rees Brennan when it
    arrives Tuesday. Kij Johnson has been a favorite since her unforgettable “Ponies”. Oooh, and a new Kathe Koja. This is a GOOD week.

  3. You don’t like any of Bova’s work? He’s done quite a bit.

    In general, though, you’re allowed to like or not like whoever you want. No skin off anyone else’s nose.

  4. MHI: Siege I already have sitting on my to get list, and I’ll add The Best of Bova to that for sure!

  5. The Sarah Rees Brennan is an expanded version of The Turn of the Story, which was a delight the first time and I can’t wait to see it now.

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