Three Views of a Sunset, 8/13/17

These shots were taken roughly fifteen minutes apart from each other. 

We in Ohio certainly don’t lack for variety in our sunsets, do we.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s an old-timey, vaguely creepy sunset take:

Yup, that’ll do.

3 Comments on “Three Views of a Sunset, 8/13/17”

  1. I love just the sitting and watching that unfold sometimes, to forget for a few minutes the world seems to be going bat guano crazy.
    Lately, I’ve been spinning my lawn chair around around 180 and watching the late evening thunderstorms roll away eastward towards Minnesota after blessing us with some rain. So much lightning, continuous flashes, on and on, the cloud tops positively radiant with the setting sun, the brilliant white flashes dancing back and forth underneath. Wish I could capture it like your sunsets. Best part is, the silence, save for the cicadas. We all need the rain so desperately, I hope they got some too.

  2. ‘Vaguely’ creepy? Shit, there are faces of dead people in that picture! Screaming in agony! Lost and doomed! Full of hate for the living! That’s one heckuva filter you’fre using there.

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