A Poll About Beds

Because I thought about it this weekend while Krissy was away:

My answer: I stay on the same side of the bed. I’m not entirely sure why, except out of habit. I’ve never really thought about it until now.


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  1. I mostly stay on my side though if I’m alone, I tend to roll over and stretch my arms/legs into that side of the bed (I tend to sleep in a jack-knife like position)

  2. I sleep in the middle and one of the cats takes my spot. I think if we got a new mattress I would stick to my side of the bed– the middle is firmer because it doesn’t have a me-shaped imprint (or a DH-shaped imprint).

  3. I just stay on my side, and everything seems a bit empty.

    Lately, our 9-month-old baby has taken up the middle of the bed (he cries *a lot* if we leave him in the cot), and when they’re both gone there’s a tangible absence. Being able to put my arm out and feel his being-aliveness, hear his breaths and vocalisations, and be brushed by his random stirrings, well, it’s lovely. I can’t resent the intrusion at all.

  4. Here’s the deal, when my wife’s out of town I start off sleeping on my side of the bed, but I wake up on her side of the bed. My sleeping body slowly conquers the bed without her there to provide some kind of resistance. It is, therefore, my conclusion that my sleeping body is a benevolent bed despot.

  5. Unfortunately, I tend to migrate in my sleep. I never know what side I’ll wake up on…

  6. I sleep on the right side (looking from the foot of the bed). But, since I sleep alone, all sides are the right sides of course :). Nah really though, If I were to change bedrooms, the side closest to the bathroom is the right side.

  7. Not just when he’s away and I’m in our bed by myself, but also in hotel beds. My side is my side. If I wake up on the other side of the bed, I am profoundly disoriented.

  8. I sleep on my side, and then fill up my husband’s side with books, magazines, and random stuff to make it feel like there’s someone there, although this doesn’t actually work.

    My husband claims to sleep diagonally when I’m not around.

  9. He’s not often away, and when he is, one of my kids usually sleeps with me. But I can certainly spread out in the middle if I get the chance. I want to add, he’s REALLY particular about sleeping on the RIGHT side of the bed (as you’re lying on your back), so I’m required to take the left side. Always.

  10. I think Jenni has it figured pretty well. “My side is my side. If I wake up on the other side of the bed, I am profoundly disoriented.” We’ve been married 41 years next Monday and I’ve had to work away from home a lot in that time – I know Ally sleeps on ‘her side’ and I sleep on ‘my side’ wherever we are.

    Also my Mum & Dad, married 66 years now, are the same – though they have spent less time separated

  11. When I lived alone, I had a full-sized mattress, and I slept in the center. I’ve been married almost 13 years, and I’ve slept on the right (as you’re looking at it from the foot of the bed) side of the bed for almost all that time. My husband travels a lot for work, so when he’s gone I can spread out a little more towards his side, but our two cats mostly take up his side when he’s gone.

  12. And yet, after 46 years, when we’re in a hotel my wife still tends to ask me which is her side!

  13. I tend to sleep on my side but my memory foam mattress is far too good at remembering just how large my backside is, so occasionally I take a ‘holiday’ from the hole I usually inhabit and sleep on my partner’s side.

  14. I prefer my side when I’m away from my other half, which is often because she has to care for her parents and I have to work. On the other hand, middle of the bed cuddled together because! Not the best answer in the history of ever, but the truth. When I’m alone, I stick to one side, and so does she. Together? We wind up invading each other’s side. LOL

  15. I’ve been divorced for 7 years and I *still* sleep on ‘my’ side of the bed – even when staying over somewhere else. Habits get thoroughly ingrained.

  16. I’ve been divorced for 7 years and I *still* sleep on ‘my’ side of the bed – even when staying over somewhere else. Habits get thoroughly ingrained.

  17. I always sleep on the same side of a bed (left side, looking at the bed from its foot). Always have, regardless of whether I have a partner in bed with me or not. It probably has something to do with the fact that I usually sleep on my right side.

  18. Always on my side. Habit, sure, but also that’s the side with the nightstand with my alarm clock, and I need to be within snooze bar slapping distance.

  19. I am a terribly restless sleeper, so when he is not here (not very often), I tend to spread out to the middle of the bed. Tossing and turning from the middle is better. OTOH, hubby is one of those who has a very set idea which side of any bed is “his”. As I am directionally challenged and can’t re-orient in a strange room (like a hotel), I always have to ask him which side is his, even after 39 years.

  20. I haven’t had an opportunity where both of my partners are gone in a long while, but typically I’ll continue to sleep on my side of the bed.

  21. I have bad insomnia and my husband snores so we usually sleep in separate rooms. When we didn’t have a “guest” room and he was away I would sleep on his side.

  22. I’m single and sleep alone, but I passed on the ‘jerk’ option; I don’t feel bad about being single. After two divorces I concluded that, amongst other things, I’m not good at the marriage model.

    Included amongst the other things is the fact that I like to sleep diagonally across a large bed.

  23. We are rarely apart for more than a night or two. In those cases, we stay on “our” sides (although “our” sides have changed since we moved, she gets closer to the bathroom, always).

    I remember reading a thing from George Burns about coping when his wife, Gracie Allen, died. He said something along the lines of “I couldn’t sleep, until I switched to her bed. Just being that little bit closer to her allowed me some comfort.” (They slept in separate beds but in the same room IIRC.)

    I’ve often considered trying that if my wife were to take a long business trip.

  24. Sadly, I have good experience with this right now, as my wife has been in the hospital for several weeks for chemo. Last night my daughter climbed into bed with me after a bad dream.

  25. Hell yes, even in hotels, even when the bed is up against the wall on that side.
    One of my biggest quibbles about hotel rooms is not having enough outlets such that you can move the clock to the other side of the bed and/or plug in your phone charger on either side.

  26. ‘Switch Hitter’. On a single stretch in a specific bed – we have the same places. In the next bed that might all change. You just never know. When alone it’s the more convenient side for me.

  27. I use a CPAP machine, set up on my side of the bed, so significant changes of position in the bed are sort of ruled out.

    However, I believe Phish addressed this question in the song “Lengthwise” on their “Rift” album: “When you’re there, I sleep lengthwise. And when you are gone, I sleep diagonally in my bed.”

  28. I’m with @bluestgirl. I sprawl. I still wake up book ended by two of our cats.

  29. I think it was the protagonist of Tristram Shandy who says the great glory of bachelorhood/spinsterhood is the freedom to lie on your bed diagonally.

  30. Being retired and disabled, I now live in a tiny senior studio apartment (probably 450 sq ft) very near my old offices near MIT, and my bed is a memory foam futon I don’t take from being in couch mode. So there is only one side, or I’d fall out of it. I refer to this as my “senior citizen dorm room.” But back in the day I was well trained to sleep on one side of the bed, and often slept with my head on my partner’s shoulder. Sleeping with my head buried in the memory foam of the back of the couch seems like a big furniture size stuffed animal.

  31. Typically I simply sprawl a bit more and distribute a few more electronic doodads (that is when the space is not occupied by the Swedish bikini team).

  32. Like a few others, I tend to start on my side, but stretch into the the space my lovely bride usually occupies. I also spend way too much time in hotels alone, where I tend to sleep in the middle and get up by scooting to the foot of the bed. (We have a foot board at home.)

  33. I’m single and I tend to sleep on the right side of the bed (though when I sleep in a hotel or as a guest in someone’s house I will lie on the side that comes with a bed light and/or a place to put the book I’m reading at that time.)
    In relationships I’ve always followed the preference of my partner. Most people care about the what’s-my-side issue way more than I do. (Same with the hanging of toilet rolls or the placement of cutlery in drawers – my take: if you don’t care all that much, take your lead from one who does.)

  34. Now that I think about it, perhaps I’d have chosen “Sleeps on couch fully clothed surrounded by open DVD cases and TV tuned to Netflix” if it had been available…. :)

  35. We’ve been married twelve years and the only time my wife has been away overnight was when she was in the hospital. I slept on my side. Before I was married I had a queen bed. I rotated around the bed, left, middle, right on successive nights. It was to wear the bed out evenly.

  36. All my stuff is on my side of the bed. My water bottle, my phone, my iPad (I watch a movie with sleep headphones to help me turn off my brain), my chargers, all that stuff. If I migrated to his side of the bed I wouldn’t be in reach of anything I might need during the night.

  37. I have a CPAP, so unless I go through the hassle of moving it over to his nightstand, I’m tethered to my side of the bed.

  38. My partner and I sleep in separate beds. Partly because I snore like a monster, and also because we both like to have our space when we sleep. And since we live in a small Japanese apartment, we actually sleep in separate rooms. So far, so good.

  39. We have a CalKing, which is fairly enormous, so when I have it all to myself, I tend to sleep crosswise on it.

  40. Another member of Team CPAP here, so I sleep wherever my facehugger is plugged in. (The last time I voluntarily slept without it was the night my husband had his stroke in 2013; my last sight of him in the ER was on a ventilator, and it was just too much for me to deal with my own set of hoses. I slept on his side that night, trying to cuddle all of our stuffies simultaneously.)

    I will note that when I last had a secondary partner, “my side” at his home was not the same as “my side” at my home.

  41. I kind of roll toward the middle but don’t make it all the way because of the humpy bit that’s probably a sign we need a new mattress in spite of turning it twice a year.

  42. In 25 years of marriage, we’ve only slept apart twice. We don’t like sleeping without each other there.

  43. I seldom share my bed with people, but when I had a cat that slept with me then my side of the bed was the right side. He sort of got me trained to sleep on that side, no matter where I’m at. He’s gone now, but I still can’t sleep on his side.

  44. I prefer to sleep alone, and anyway I’m a jerky, restless sleeper so most people would also prefer not to sleep with me. I do mostly sleep on one side of the bed, but not always (restless sleeper), but mostly because the pillow that works for me is on that side of the bed. And that was more information than anybody wanted!

  45. I sleep in a hammock. It might have two sides, since there are two possible diagonals. Or it might have one side, since both diagonals cross the same point in the middle.

  46. Finally, a rational question in amongst the madness. Um, when my wife and I first started dating, we both slept on the same side of the bed when we were apart. When she would go on a business trip, I would assume my traditional side. Now, that we have been together for twenty odd years, I have my side and she has her side and I no longer switch. Damn, I’ve been beaten out my rightful spot.

  47. I sleep on my side of the bed always – it’s closer to the bathroom and when you get into your 50s, that starts to become important in the middle of the night.

  48. When my wife is gone I still stay on my side, but I also travel over half the year for work, and when I’m in a hotel I tend to stay on the side that has the power outlet for my phone.

  49. I sleep on my side, but if I don’t have the dog in the middle I will wake up a LOT more often in confusion, because spouse and I reach out to each other in our sleep and not having someone there will wake me. If the dog is there I’ll know she’s in the way, and that’ll keep my subconscious happy. Spouse will migrate from his side to the middle, even if the dog is there, because his arms are really long so he’ll keep shifting over trying to find me.

  50. Not only do I sleep on my side of the bed, we do so even when traveling — even when traveling alone.

    In my case, it’s something I started doing out of habit, but then I had a good think about it and now do it consciously. It has to do with muscle memory — having the consistent setup for my watch, drink, CPAP hoses, etc. in the middle of the night when I’m not awake and may not have my full cognitive firepower online quickly.

  51. We have a Sleep Number bed, so her side is much firmer than my side. So, since I’m too lazy to adjust firmness of her side to match mine, and then adjust it back before she comes home, I just stick to my side the whole time.

  52. Roll back and forth across the whole bed, roll myself up in the duvet (I never get any duvet normally), then sleep diagonally across the bed. Until my 17mo son wakes up and wants to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed then I’m kicked to the edge again (he gets his sleeping habits from his mum!).

  53. Even when I was young, and slept alone in a twin-sized bed, I slept on the right side of the bed, near the edge. Sleeping with my husband didn’t change that. I also sleep on the right side in hotels. (I can’t have my limbs go over the edge of the bed though. Because crocodiles. I realize that makes no sense.)

  54. Another CPAP user, plus alarm clocks and such, so if I’m home and my wife’s not, I sleep on my side of the bed and try to get the cats to use her side instead of mine. (And for those of you sleeping in separate rooms because of snoring, get checked by a sleep doctor and see if CPAP helps that.) When she’s in bed and I haven’t gotten to bed yet, one of the cats usually wants my side and doesn’t want to be moved when I get there.

    When I’m in hotels by myself, it depends on the room layout, where the tables and electric sockets etc. are. Maybe even the TV if I’m going to bother. If we’re both in a hotel, and it’s a big enough bed for two people, we usually sleep on our usual sides, but it varies, especially if one of us is getting up first for whatever meetings / con panels / etc.

  55. I’m single; and due to back issues, (including being too cheap to buy an adjustable bed) sleep in a recliner.

  56. I sometimes travel alone but my wife never does. When I do travel alone I always sleep on “my” side of the bed. My wife sleeps in the middle of our bed, but she tends to do that even when I am home.

  57. I mostly sleep against the edge on my side. At least I did before we got our current bed hog cat. Now I sometimes wake up on a diagonal with the cat between the edge and my knees, perpendicular to the edge and stretched out as far as she can go.

  58. I always end up on the my side. I can deliberately start on her side but I wake up on my side. Habit I guess.

  59. I’m one of those… “give me a bed to sleep in, and through the night, I will have used every available inch of it” type of sleepers. I tend to sleep sprawled out and/or diagonally across the bed, though, so my feet are hanging over the edge but my hands are not. This is a must (and also why my husband has about 1/4 of our queen size bed).

  60. I don’t live with my partner, but we sleep in the same bed two or three nights a week on average. I always sleep on the same side anyway, as all my stuff is on the bedside table on the right. I usually sleep in the fetal position, and if I’m curled up on my left side I sometimes snuggle a pillow as well.

  61. I have a strong preference for the left side of the bed, as does my wife. I let her have it the first few times we were together and have never, ever reclaimed it. 20 years on, I still prefer that side.

  62. Currently single, but haven’t always been, so I’m not sure which way you want me to answer.

    Back when the question was relevant, I would stay more-or-less on my side, both out of habit, and for easy access to my nightstand. But I would sometimes spread out a bit more when solo, just because I could. But still basically on my side.

    The biggest difference for me between sleeping solo and sleeping as part of a couple is that solo, I’m more likely to forget to stop reading, and wake up in the middle of the night because the light is still on and I have a book covering my face. (Or serving as a not-very-comfortable pillow.)

  63. I sleep on whichever side my cat leaves open for me. I prefer the side closest to the bathroom, but my cat likes to curl up there while I’m getting ready for bed, so I end up sleeping on the other side so that I don’t disturb.

  64. I tend to sleep diagonally when alone, changing directions halfway through the night.

  65. 41 years into this partnership/marriage, and I remain firmly on my side of the bed whether the spouse is there or not. As a couple of others have noted, it feels weird, wrong, discombobulating, to sleep on the side that is not mine. As one looks at the bed from the foot of the bed, my side is always the right side, and has been since the very first apartment we rented together.

    The very rare exception to the “always on the right-hand side” rule is if we are staying in a hotel where the television is more easily viewed from the side of the bed that is usually mine. I hate television and never watch it, so if the position of the television is oriented to face more toward the side of the bed I prefer, I cede that spot to the spouse so he can more easily watch TV and so I can more easily turn to avoid seeing it.

  66. His side, when he’s out of town. It’s closer to the light switch. And also for novelty and to mess with our cats a little, perhaps. About five of them sleep on our bed, though usually only three or four at a time, and I figure a little variety will entertain them. Normally, there will be at least one cat between us helping us each blame the other for the lack of blanket, and maybe one cat per pair of human knees. I sometimes wish some of the other cats would join us too but practically speaking it’s probably just as well there are only six or seven who want to.

    Both of us tend toward the middle when we can get away with it (meaning, if the other one has gotten up early or is sleeping in the guest room to keep one of the downstairs-only kitties company), and I tend to lie on it diagonally when reading for some reason. I think habit pertaining to the light and the blocking thereof. Of course, with cats present they’ll just put themselves between my eyes and my reading material anyway so that’s kind of moot.

  67. My head stays on my own pillow, but my legs and butt tend to migrate towards his side until I am diagonal or even crosswise.

  68. I always sleep on my side.. married 33 years.. recently it’s occurred to me that in the case of a zombie invasion when they reach our room I am right by the door but John has the time to dive off the bed and roll underneath.. should I be concerned?

  69. After 44 years, I stay on my own side of the bed. When we were first married there were a few times when I would start on my own side of the bed and in the night be seeking my partner to snuggle and ended up falling out of his side of the bed. So when he was gone I would sleep on the couch.

  70. Same sider here. I’m just used to it. Hard to sleep if things change too much.

    What I’m interested to know, when travelling alone, do people tend to sleep on the same corresponding side of the bed? I tend to do that.

  71. I usually sleep in the middle when he’s away. We need a new mattress, so the middle is more comfortable than either the left or right side divots. In hotels, I don’t care whether I’m on the left or right, but I usually sleep on the side that is closest to the A/C unit, so I can have the cold air blowing on me, unless that side does not have a nightstand.

  72. I start in the middle tethered by the CPAP hose, roll from one wooden side to the other. Because the machine is feeding me air, I’m covered head-to-toe by a down comforter. The temperature is right year-around because the mattress is 450 gallons of precisely-heated water. I’ve been sleeping on a waterbed since I moved out of the dorm in 1966. When we moved to NC last year, I discovered you can no longer go down to the waterbed store at the mall and buy a new one. The stores are gone, the malls are gone. Found a guy in upstate NY who still makes waterbeds; we reminisced about Woodstock.

  73. Another person for whom the Phish song “Lengthwise” applies: “When you’re there, I sleep lengthwise. And when you are gone, I sleep diagonally in my bed.”

  74. I will have been widowed for fifteen years next month. I still sleep mostly on my side of the bed though occasionally I move toward the center. My side is the left as you stand at the foot facing the head. However, if I’m in a hotel room, I sleep on whatever side has a lamp..

  75. Single, but happy about it so passing on the “jerk” option.

    I’m a restless sleeper, so I cover most of the bed in the course of the night. I usually start out on the right side, because that’s where the bedside lamp is and I normally read a bit before bedtime.

  76. You people with cats have a tough life. I had a bunch of birds for many years, but I couldn’t sleep on their perches and they disdained beds so this whole “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” thing that cats do never came up.

  77. What an interesting question & set of answers! Mine’s a bit complicated. My wife prefers very soft & me firm, so if I don’t want a backache I’ll sleep my side normally. That being said … we have another partner in our bedroom, a chinchilla named Dust Bunny; and if one of us us gone he pretty much decides for me where we’re going to sleep. He’ll normally insist on having the side of the vacant partner as his own … as a “finally, at last can have a full side” type of thing; but sometimes he just chooses to simply displace me and I end up on my wife’s side. They can bark.

    You’ve maybe never seen a stubborn chinchilla.

  78. After 28 years of marriage, I always, always, always sleep on “my side”. If we end up in a hotel with two queen beds, I will chose the one that puts the nightstand on the correct side. (We learned a long time ago that we both move around too much to sleep together in a queen if we don’t have to.)

    I shared a hotel room with my daughter recently, and she nabbed what should have been “my” bed. It was weird.

  79. Mostly I sleep on my side. But I wind up a bit more in the middle. Unless the kid is having issues sleeping, in which case they wind up on my side and I’m on my spouse’s side. *sigh*

    I haaaaaate it when my spouse isn’t in the bed. I can no longer get to sleep easily if I’m not being big/little spoon. EITHER ONE, BUT THERE’S GOTTA BE A SPOON! *rant rant*

  80. Another CPAP user. We used to sleep mostly with me on the right and she on the left (when sitting up in bed) and would tend to fall asleep spooned in the centre. When I got my facehugger I also had a shoulder injury that prevented me sleeping on my right side and the tug of the hose meant I had to sleep facing the side the machine is on. So now the left side of the bed is mine and is whether she is there beside me or not.

    I miss sharing the middle.

  81. Divorced for 13 years after 19 years of marriage. Took about 9 years to move off “my side” and now I sleep in the middle.
    But “my side” is closest to the dòor, so that has changed depending on the house .

  82. Nancie says: I sleep in a hammock. It might have two sides, since there are two possible diagonals.

    I’m a restless sleeper, and I roll over a lot when I sleep or when going to sleep. In my hammock I sleep on both sides, but the diagonal I use changes when I roll over so that my face isn’t pressed against the hammock fabric. This is especially important is mosquito country, where skin pressed against the fabric gets bitten through the fabric – I have seen some very swollen flesh where one (usually triangular for some reason) patch has been feasted on all night.

    Also, when sharing a bed there are always diverse opinions. My current partner thinks the same as I do about which side to sleep on… their side is the best side. My last one suffered from FOMO, so by definition the side she wasn’t on was the best side (swapping did not fix this, since there was still a side she wasn’t on…). Also, when there’s more than two people in bed I can’t stand being in the middle. I need to be able to move away from my bed-mate(s) to regulate my temperature, if I get too hot I have nightmares and wake up feeling very bad. I imagine that having a dog on the bed would also cause that problem.

  83. I have a side in my bed, and I sleep on that side alone and with all but one partner in the last 20+ years. But in hotels I have no particular bed side (though, if I’m sharing the bed, sides get assigned and are then static for that stay). I also have a side in the other bed I sleep in regularly, but it’s the opposite side from “my” side in my own bed.

  84. Usually I sleep on my side of the bed, but might end up diagonal some nights, or with one leg hugging my partner’s blanket, or whatever.

  85. Quoth quixote, “You people with cats have a tough life.”

    The best life, you mean. My husband’s cousin said she absolutely would not share her bed with a cat, and spouse and I both looked at her as if she were crazy. (She was looking exactly the same way at us.) Despite the occasional territorial issues, we’d definitely rather have cat presence. Cats make everything better, for a close enough approximation of “everything”.

    And Richard Norton, a pet chinchilla? Cool. I’ve petted one, but not a pet one.

  86. After 45 years of togetherness we sleep on “our” side of the bed, except for when we travel. The reason I sleep on “my” side of the bed is because my stuff that I may need during the night is on reothe night stand by my side of the bed. On the road that’s whichever side I unload my stuff onto. Stuff like hanky to blow nose, eyedrops for dry eyes, book, remote for stereo, tablet computer, glasses, beverage .

    Next road trip into far western Kentucky to try to view and photograph the total solar eclipse… room at deluxe hotel in Owensboro, will be a surprise to see which sides we get of the king I have reserved. I hear they do BBQ traditionally with mutton in Owensboro, so looking forward to that, also. Hoping we’re far enough into rural empty Kentucky that we won’t have any problem finding a wide place on the road to pull over and set up picnic, cooler, etc. Have many sunglasses so can bribe property owners with some of those. Very excited!!!

  87. Middle.
    Actually, because of different schedules, I go to be much later than she does. If I wake up and she is already up, I will go to the middles just because it doesn’t have the Tempur slump.
    Of course, If she is on her side facing away from me when I go to bed, I end up in the middle to spoon.

  88. I have frequent insomnia. When I sleep, I sleep without a fellow human, darn it, but with two cats. I nearly always sleep on the same side of the bed, though I’ll turn over. Usually, I sleep curled up in semi-fetal position. Oh, and the cats tend to sleep at my feet or the crook of my knees, though this varies much, because they both want to be the center of attention. They are, after all, cats. And…I’d be happy to have a partner or friend to sleep with, but meh, this hasn’t happened in way, way too long. So, yeah.

  89. I mostly stay on my side or the middle but without a spouse to be kind to I squirm and thrash like a ferret finally set free

  90. Sides ? No damned sides ! I sleep where I want dammit !
    Left, Right, middle, diagonal you name it

    until the wife is home and says “Get back to your side jerk” :P

  91. For 25 years I have slept on the left side of the bed, because it was the one that let me get out to tend to the baby while he slept without disturbing him. Then I met my boyfriend and started sleeping weekends at his place. He has a CPAP and therefore sleeps on the left side of the bed, so I have to take the right side. So half the time I sleep on the left side and half the time on the right side. It’s tolerable, it’s just that when I first lie down at either house, I have to get used to the difference.

    When sleeping alone in the bed at either place, I stay on my side, but I sprawl.

  92. I’ll start off on my side with the male GSD on Mr Jazz’s side with his head on the pillow, but at some point during some nights I’ll go diagonal with the female GSD on the bottom of the bed on my side other nights she’ll hop onto the bottom of Mr Jazz’s side. I don’t know why she sometimes chooses one and sometimes the other, it may be where I happen to be when she decides to join us. She will not come on the bed or even in the bedroom when we go to bed, she starts the night on her bed in her room, otherwise known as the spare room.

  93. I sleep alone, gloriously starfished. In the unlikely event I were ever partnered, I would prefer separate beds (and ideally separate houses).

  94. If my wife is gone (or more often working, she’s a nurse) I sleep on my side. If we go anywhere else, she surveys the room. and tells me what my side is. This is usually related to the location of the door and bathrooms. It doesn’t matter to me where I sleep.

  95. I don”t like sleeping in the bed when my partner is away so I generally “accidentally” fall asleep in the living room while watching television.

  96. My wife was out of town all of last week, and will be again this weekend. I go *right* for the middle of the bed. It was my bed before we got married, and that’s how I used to sleep in it. I wonder if things would change if we got a new bed.

    (Relatedly, our tenth anniversary was last week. I’m still not sure how we’ve managed to pull it off…)

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