New Books and ARCs, 8/18/17

A very fine collection of new books and ARCs arrived to the Scalzi Compound in the last week, and here’s what they are! See anything you’d like on your own shelves? Tell us all in the comments.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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What do you do with all these? Do any get read by you or family members? Does your local library have one of the best SF collections in the country?

An Alchemy of Masques and MIrrors is terrific and fun. Unique and fabulous magic. A well thought-out world of an exploded gas giant with floating continents and and ships that sail between. A heroine who’s had to hide her astonishing talent for math and science (as well as the deformed hand she was born with) and a drunken King’s Own Musketeer who has watched over her since she was born drawn into courtly intrigues and a plot to upend civilization.

I’ll read anything about Wonder Woman that isn’t “Amazons Attack”, but that’s only because Amazons Attack was shit and barely had Wonder Woman in it anyway.

(plus it was a Countdown tie-in and I f***ing hate Countdown)

There’s a lot of older stuff, like when they made her a non-powered secret agent for some dumb reason, that I won’t read /a second time/, but by and large I’ll give any Wonder Woman story at least one shot because I like her and she’s kind and loving and can punch a Nazi through 5 or 6 walls.

I bough Reincarnation Blues from Amazon UK. Why wait six months for a book that’s already available to purchase. It was excellent. Felt effortless the entire way. The Kindle version is probably in my future as wel.

It’s likely a MRA type hearing the title “An Excess Male” will start screeching that it’s misandrist trash without even looking inside.

The Wonder Woman tie-in book sounds promising. But I don’t know the author and I’ve been burned in the past by crappy Wonder Woman stories (e.g. WW’s lost brother….really???). So it’s a cautious flip-through on this one.

The Seven by Peter Newman has made me very sympathetic to my overseas SFF reading brethren. It was released in the UK months ago, but won’t be available Stateside until October, if memory serves. I’ve been waiting impatiently.

Makes me really appreciate that as an American I very seldom have to wait for anything because of regional restrictions.

Ken Folletts books are always good, and this one is a continuation of his ” Pillars of the Earth” series, which are excellent. Looking forward to it!

Miracle was a fine collection, so updating and adding more isn’t likely to change that. More Willis is always a good thing. The Follett is a bit of a surprise, not at all what we expect in a Scalzi stack, other than being excellent that is.
I remember the days when a new Drake book would have made me excited, I miss them.

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