A Small But Important Change

Which is: When you type “Scalzi.com” in your address bar, it now takes you to Whatever rather than the static page that I’ve had at the site for years and years.

Why? Well, because the static page was static, and not especially helpful, and meanwhile pretty much everything that goes on with the site goes on here on Whatever. Also, most people who come to the site come to the blog directly, and all the links that were previously on the static page pointed here anyway. It made sense to make the switch.

If I ever get around to doing a full site revamp, things might change. But I suspect at this point, I’ll be keeping it as it is. This is where the action is. Might as well point to it.

11 Comments on “A Small But Important Change”

  1. Hmmm..I found this site, shoot, 14 years ago? by typing in “whatever”, now that’s not so. Eh. Whatever. Now that you’re one of my cookies it suggests this sight first when I type it.

  2. I figure, if someone wants to invest cash upfront based on kilo-impressions per metric eyeball, then I could hire people to fix ghost links from my several thousands of static web pages, and handle customer interaction, and steal bitcoins on the side. OPM. Other peoples’ Money. But that’s just me in my 51st year of software coding and many VC scars talking…

  3. John –

    The internal site links on the “Scalzi Creative Sampler” are broken. Check out “Agent for the Stars” and “Waiting for Athena” among others. Probably something to do with resetting the home page.

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