Porch Tiger

Done up all old-timey.

Slow day here at the Scalzi Compound. Hope your Friday has been a good one.

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  1. Well, I was attacked by a panther this morning. A small sofa panther. It used its +4 cuteness attack on me, and nearly made me late for work.

  2. My Friday has been GREAT because I lost all innernetz before I woke up Wednesday, and I finally got it back this afternoon.
    I may be excessively dependent.

  3. Spent the day with family and making sure my pantry was stocked in the VERY unlikely event that I get stranded at home for several days because of Harvey. I’m far enough inland that rain is all I expect to see, but it’s gonna be a gully-washer for sure.

    Time to stress-test the new house!

  4. Houston was very fortunate not to get hit by Harvey. Rockport and all around there are now feeling the effects of Harvey, which has been major like Ike and slow with lots of rain and flooding like Allison. Thankfully, it’s now down to tropical storm levels, but the whole area from Corpus Christi to Galveston and Houston to San Antonio is feeling tropical storm intermittent winds and rain and flooding, and it’s still expected to stay like that through, wow, Wednesday or Thursday, almost a week long.

    I’m here in Houston, my power hasn’t gone out, and so far, the rain and flooding has been OK. Aside from a need to make a grocery trip Tuesday or Wednesday for perishables, which I was low on before the storm landed on Friday, well, my situation’s better than I’d thought. I’m a city native, so hurricanes are nothing new to me, and also nothing to disrespect, because they can be truly fearsome beasties. This marks my 6th month in my new apartment and my first tropical storm level event since moving here. So, all in all, I’m counting it good.

    The folks who bore the brunt of the hurricane, though, are going to be living like we did after Ike, for the next month and a half or so. Therefore, even though we’ll have about a week of tropical storm weather before the remnants of Harvey dissipate and move away, the folks who were directly in its path will be feeling the after effects well into October, at least. It is going to be really indescribably tough for them. — Imagine living in a major US city and being thrust back into the 1800’s level technology, with no electricity, uncertain safety of drinking water, natural gas unsafe in some areas, and phone, cell phones, internet, TV/video/cable service out for a month and a half. I cooked on my grandmother’s old 1950’s gas stove after Ike, and neighbors shared a small generator so we could keep the refrigerator going for a few hours each day, until service was restored. When you do that and cook by kerosene lamp light or with daylight, for that length of time, you gain a true appreciation for both modern conveniences and pioneer living. And — the volunteers and National Guards and other emergency personnel who helped get things orderly and going again, to get service restored and food, water, and other emergency supplies distributed — they were truly remarkable.

    That is what folks near Rockport and Victoria and Corpus Christi and Port Lavaca are going to be living with for the next month and a half or so.

    I’m doing OK here, and I’m grateful. Neighbors and friends are OK too.

  5. Twitching tufted tail,
    A toasty, tawny tummy:
    A tired tiger.

    – An alliterative haiku by Calvin
    (from Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes)