View From a Hotel Window 9/1/17: Washington DC

And out the window is the convention center that the National Book Festival will be at tomorrow. Along with me! I have an event at 3:30 and a signing at 4:30. If you’re in the area I hope to see you there. Otherwise, it’s nice to be back in the area I lived in for four years, from ’96 to 2001. I liked it when I was here, except for the traffic, which was awful. Besides that: Pretty great.

10 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 9/1/17: Washington DC”

  1. I do note a small carpark on the lower left, but I think it falls below your usual standards in size and number of cars.

  2. On your theme of book people in Washington as opposed to crazier-than-one-makes-up-for-books people, you, John Scalzi have a new fan, a homeless woman who camps out at a Greater Altadena Zane Gray Riders of the Purple Sage Area public park, to whom I give my day-old newspapers. She was quite taken by your piece on how hard it is to write Science Fiction in the Trump Era. Last hardcover I saw her read was a Robert Grisham, I think The Associate. Hearts go out to people in Texas, Louisiana, Bangladesh a hundred times worse..

  3. See you tomorrow! Bringing a copy of the book that started my fandom: Old Man’s War for possible signing.

  4. Trying to talk Mr. Q into treating himself and going to see you tomorrow. You’re just a short metro ride away!

  5. We stayed at the Renaissance across from the Convention Center for the Malice Domestic Convention in 1998-99-2000 and it was a very sketchy area then, with all kinds of predators seeming to stalk the elderly ladies attending the con. It is so much nicer an area now it is amazing.

    Have fun.

  6. just finished reading Lock In on Thursday and was curious about how you seemed to know the area so well as the book is set in DC and you live in Ohio. This post explains it, so thank you for the prompt and almost telepathic answer to my question! I’m curious if you’re thinking of writing another book set in the Lock In era?

  7. NM, you just answered my question as I just got back from the National Book Festival and found out about Heads Up, so I have my answer! Thank you for signing my kindle(!) and l’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

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