Labor Day Weekend Photos

Just some from around the house. 

(Arachnophobes, be aware the penultimate picture is of an orb weaver.)

Hope you’re having a good Labor Day long weekend.

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  1. Turquoise and orange – is that first photo going to be a movie poster? Isn’t it weird how you start to notice things like that after they’ve been pointed out to you? I never paid attention until I read an article filled with photos, all of them strongly contrasting the blue/orange, and now I see it everywhere.

    Gorgeous pics.

  2. The spider shows up here at the blog, but not in the previews available via the email notifications.

  3. That particular type of orb spider is what we call a barn spider, and they’re simply wonderful to have around. They’re quite gentle, and I’ve even seen children play with them (though I’m not that brave). I love having them around my house!

  4. I’ll add that it’s better than the black widow I found in a moving box this morning. I rehomed her away from the house.

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for the warning at the beginning. I closed my eyes and scrolled safely past the orb weaver!

    Also, I had it in my e-mail notification of this blog post. That’s where I did the scrolling. :-)

  6. We have a TON of Golder Orb Weaver spiders here in our mountain cove. Being retired, we often spend several days in our house in the rocks and forest. Then, when I leave to work around the place or go to town to run errands, there’s a bunch of big round spider webs to cope with.

    I don’t mind spiders in general, but I do really hate getting a web in my face. So sticky, so potentially crawly. I usually pick up a big stick and carry it out in front of me like a Roman – um, what are those big things the Romans carried around? Anyway, you get the picture.

    So daughter back from college already? That was quick!! ;-) just kidding, I know she’s just an hour away so planned to be around more often than I was, 8 hours away from home.

    Pictures are all great!!

  7. John, lovely photos, even the spider.

    @Stuart Herring and @Jen aka reader44ever!:
    Are you getting emails from WordPress RE this blog? If so, how did you sign up? I’ve asked Scalzi on Twitter and he has no clue. I’m currently using an IFTTT RSS applet to deliver it to my Gmail, but I’d prefer a WordPress subscription. Please and thank you in advance.

  8. Labor day, and a cat yawns. Appropriate.
    Arbysmom the email is from ” Whatever ” So far as I can tell there’s a wordpress or jetpack widget that the blogger can use to enable automatic emails of new posts. All those years ago when I signed up it must have been easy for me to find or I wouldn’t have.

  9. I was trying to figure out what species that spider is. I think it’s Araneus cavaticus, aka Charlotte’s species.

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