Yes, I’ve Heard About the New South Park Game’s Difficulty Settings

And yes, the game rather concretely makes the “lowest difficulty setting” point.

Here’s an article about it. And here’s the video showing it in action:

Before anyone asks, no, I had nothing to do with it, and no, I have no idea if the people who made the game read or knew about my article. And also, no, I’m not going to worry about whether or not I get credit for it. Remember that I myself was expanding on a comment writer Luke McKinney made in a Cracked article about straight male sexuality. This stuff gets around.

I am, however, amused to see it in an actual video game. All the dudes who whined about how the metaphor was all wrong will now have to grind their teeth when they set up their characters in this game. And that’s a lovely thought.

15 Comments on “Yes, I’ve Heard About the New South Park Game’s Difficulty Settings”

  1. Interesting that you can play the game as a t ranswoman. I don’t know how I feel about that, really.

  2. Knowing the South Park guys (as they are involved in the writing for the game), they’re going to find some way to spectacularly screw up the metaphor in new and exciting ways (considering South Park is the show that based a whole episode around the idea of defending homophobic slurs, and are perfectly okay with stereotypes of people with disabilities, along with the relevant slurs). I appreciate the gesture, but that alone is not enough for me to be willing to give the South Park people (even through a licensed property) a penny of my money.

  3. This must obviously be for white cis dudes. I a Black Woman who likes to have my characters look like me. Why would I want to put up with the same sort of sh*t in an RPG that I put up with irl?

  4. I don’t get it, and watching 20 minutes is too high a threshold, especially with these inane presenters.

  5. So basically, people who are not straight white cis dudes can either play a character that looks likes them or play on easy mode, but not both? I can’t think of anything that could scream louder “we assume all our players are just like us, and we’re writing a game just for people like us!”

    Color me unimpressed. And uninterested in giving them any of my money.

  6. If I got to kill PC Principal (and didn’t have to kill Kenny) I might use this as my gateway to playing games that are more hand-eye coordination intensive than Spider Solitaire.
    Disclaimer because of something I just read: I have no desire to kill anybody that the cops and drone pilots wouldn’t get to first.

    It’s been long enough* since I’ve watched S. Park that those are the names I recall: I have the idea PC Principal is not the only character whose horrible death would disimprove the show.

    * about 3 months.

  7. arg! 5 minutes and 40 seconds of inane nattering before actually getting to the “difficulty setting”
    Try this:

    Beyond that, yeah, South Park is a “bigotry is hee-larious” and “anyone actually complaining about bigotry is crying for political correctness” kind of show. If they don’t screw this up, I’ll be surprised.

  8. @sorcharei, just like real life, eh?
    You can either be yourself or you can have it easy.

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