View From a Hotel Window, 9/19/17: Chicago

Krissy and I are playing hooky today because we’re going to the Alison Moyet concert in Chicago, which necessitated a bit of a drive. Well, we’re here now, and the view from the hotel is lovely, nary a parking lot in sight. How is your day?

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  1. Might I recommend that you stay through the weekend for this. Four of my favorite live bands: Antietam: Condo Fucks (aka Yo La Tengo as a cover band): Jon Langford (from the Mekons and David’s little brother) and Skull Orchard; and Eleventh Dream Day are playing on Saturday.

  2. I also am in Chicago just now, not for the concert; also my view is considerably less green than yours! In any event, have a pleasant evening…

  3. Lovely day in the SF Bay Area, just chillin’ & reading. Or trying to. Husband is describing plots of books, one after another. For over an hour. I may need to kiss him to shut him up, at least for a while.

  4. That photo confirmed that you’re staying very close to the venue — I recognize the pond and statue in the distance. Just up the street from the venue is a wonderful fondue place called Geja’s. The restaurant in the hotel just changed names and chefs so I can’t vouch for it.

    Not trying to be stalker-y. I will remain 20 miles away.

  5. Arrrr, me day is right fine, mateys! Happy Talk Like a Pirate (sort of) Day. Okay, sorry, I swear I did not plague my coworkers with bad pirate imitations. Not too much, anyway.

  6. Nice to take a break, eh? :) Day spent working (actual work, for $) in the morning and then working on the garden area in the backyard, which didn’t feel like working at all. Although I’m covered with dirt/dust/plant remnants/unknown bug parts…

  7. Looking at that picture, my mind turns to pennyfarthing bicycles, human chess games on a lawn, and weather balloons rolling loose on the beach. Does the hotel staff address by your room number rather than name, by chance?

  8. I second the suggestion to stay for the Hideout Block Party.

    Saturday’s theme is “60th Birthday Party for Sputnik! “

  9. On Saturday there is a wonderful farmer’s market that sets up around there in the park. The Green City Market — you can get delicious treats and organic stuff. Ooooh..and Hoosier Mama pies! Not to be missed! Hold up a lighter during Only You for me.!

  10. “Looks like Mar a Lago. Before the Hurricane.”

    That’s Lincoln Park, a public park on the north side of Chicago. Virtually the complete opposite of Mar a Lago.

  11. John, Martha and I want to go up to Chicago fairly soon. After you have enjoyed the concert and moved on, perhaps you could let us know where this hotel is, more precisely than “beside Lincoln Park” so we could try it out?

    Have a good time. I haven’t ever heard of your partner in music before, I’ll try to look her up sometime. My musical tastes were formed in the age of Jazz and Big Bands and Symphonies. I will admit that I have indulged in Los Lobos and Mumford and Sons, the Blues with Buddy Guy, etc as well. Hard to beat a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, tho.

    Best of times in Chicago, with fog stealing in on little cat feet. That always makes us laugh as our cats will occasionally run over us lying in bed, more like a tiny stampede of barely controlled ferocity. They also land on the wooden floor like small sacks of concrete, no stealing around unless one stalks the other, which happens when feeding time at the zoo nears.

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