The First Sunset of Fall, 2017

Featuring an Amish gentleman on a recumbent bicycle. As all the best first sunsets of fall do.

So long, summer. You did all right.

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  1. Actually you’re a bit premature here, Scalzi. The 2017 Autumn Equinox is tomorrow, Friday, September 22 at 4:02 PM. Nice shot though.

  2. Hello John, greetings from Ecuador. I just heard Old Man’s War in Amazon Audible and loved it, after that I began to hear Red Shirts and I haven’t stopped. The Audio Books that i have been hearing are in spanish and i would like to suggest to you to record all of your books in spanish because if i loved them, i am pretty sure that everybody will do. Keep Writting and making us dream. Greetings from Quito. With affection and admiration Fernando Dalgo.

  3. People count all sorts of different ways. I personally, being Wiccan, count the astronomical one, which is tomorrow.

    In that general connection, a friend once said “The Equinox moves around the year, right?” I replied “Absolutely not. The Equinox is at exactly the same time every year. The calendar is inaccurate.

  4. It’ll still be summer here (Atlanta) into October. Other places, it’s been autumn for weeks. Seasons don’t start and stop the instant an astronomical line-up happens. God, I’m tired of it being hot.

  5. There are 13 lunar cycles a year, but only 12 moonths on the calandar. Was astronomy really that bad, or did 13 get a bad rap back in the day?

    Or were the months designed so solar events like eqinoxes and solcistices always landed on the 21st of a given month?

    How did the romans screw it up so badly? Did a time-space catastrophe change the orbital period of the earth?

    I say we adjust earths orbit to an even 360 days a year, then lower the moon’s orbit to exactly 12 orbits a year with a full moon on the first day of the year.

    Sure, the cost would be, literally, astronomical, but think of the money we’d save never having to buy tide charts again.

  6. Amish on a recumbent? Wow, your Amish are a lot hipper than ours on this side of the state. (Seriously, I’m shocked, usually they ride 40 year old Schwinn’s)

  7. Summer was pretty good here in MIchigan. Kind of dry in the central part of our lovely mitten, but that meant for the first time I can ever remember, I didn’t have to wear mosquito spray. I honestly don’t know if I put ANY on all summer. That is unprecedented.

  8. I somehow didn’t mention how beautiful that photograph is. I meant to.

    May this harvest season bring you and yours all you need of safety, health, and blessing for the coming winter, an it be your own will, so mote it be.

  9. What Xopher said at 10:12 and what Manuel Royal said.

    Also, of course, not the first sunset of fall, but the sunset of the day before MID-autumn day.

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