New Books and ARCs, 9/22/17

Just in time for the weekend, a new batch of books and ARCs at the Scalzi Compound for you to peruse. Which would you want to give a place in your own “to be read” stack? Tell us in the comments.

16 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/22/17”

  1. I’m in the mood for Slayers & Vampires; I really need some frivolity in my life at the moment …

  2. I’m with KiwiSteve on this one-I don’t recognise any of the author’s. Blockbuster Science and The Book of Swords look interesting, though.

  3. Went to look up Orthogonal Procedures and Substrate Phantoms because the titles sound interesting (and would make great next band names). Might buy Substrate Phantoms. Also handn’t heard of Arche Press before – looks like they are a new(ish) small press?

  4. Full disclosure: The Book of Swords, an anthology edited by Gardner Dozois, includes, among others, a new short story by C.J. Cherryh. She’d said earlier this month on her blog that the book was up for pre-order and included her story as well as many other neat offerings. I really like short stories, and she’s one of my favorite authors, so that one’s already on pre-order for me.

    I want to look up Sleep Over and Genius Plague, just from those titles alone. (Gee, am I really that easy a mark? Guess so.)

    Also — hmm, my keyboard’s going wonky. Gonna have to unplug it tonight and clean it, and hook up the spare.

    Also-Also — I highly recommend watching The Orville, ep 3, which was really incredible and requires mulling over well afterward. I am sure people will have widely varying opinions of what’s covered in the ep. I know I’ll need to think it over and may still not feel fully decided what I think. But to me, that’s a mark of good storytelling. I was very surprised and blown away, to get such a story in what has been marketed as a comedy show. I’d say the Orville is not merely a comedy; but I’d say that’s true of Galaxy Quest also. Just my two cents, and I do expect others will have differing opinions. But I’m impressed, and now I’m hooked on the show.

  5. Genius Plague is interesting as I recently read “The girl with all the gifts” and the short story that predates it by Mike Carey. Also deals with an invasion of fungal spores. Fungus! It should stick to making cheese!

    Orthogonal Procedures looks fascinating: Grandpa was a postal inspector during WWII. I had no idea he was a wizard!

  6. Murder, Magic and what we Wore sounds fun, fun would be good. And The Book of Swords, because SWORDS!

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