The Collapsing Empire an Audible Deal of the Day

And being an “Audible Deal of the Day” means you get to spend very little to get the book — in this case something like $3. The deal as far as I know is limited to the US and maybe Canada, and it’s only for today. So if you want it at this price, you need to jump on it. It’s perfect for the folks who love audiobooks, or for the folks who have never tried audiobooks but would be willing to give them a chance at a low price point, or for the folks who simply want Wil Wheaton to read to them in those dulcet tones of his.

Here’s the link to the audiobook. Enjoy!

9 Comments on “The Collapsing Empire an Audible Deal of the Day”

  1. For those asking: Why only the US and Canada? Because of various rights and distribution issues, that’s why — Audible doesn’t own all the rights in every territory (and in the ones it does, may decide to stage deals at different times in different places). I mean, sometimes other places get deals the US doesn’t: For example, in the UK the text version Old Man’s War is available for super-cheap, and everywhere else it’s the normal price. It just happens that way sometimes.

  2. Thanks for tip – I just bought it from Denmark, which Amazon treats as part of ‘US + all other countries’. So I suppose that those of us in a country without our own national Amazon can get this too.

  3. I finished reading it a few days ago. It was a good book that I enjoyed reading and filled my eyeholes with entertainment.

  4. John, do you really make up unpronounceable names in your books just to make Wil Wheaton suffer while trying to read them aloud?

  5. I saw the Daily Deal email, too. Delayed breakfast and bathing in favor of shopping. I’ve listened to about a third of it. I’m particularly enjoying the names of the ships.

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