Out For the Weekend

But don’t worry, Spice is here to keep you company.

See you on Monday (or maybe Sunday evening, if I feel frisky).

10 Comments on “Out For the Weekend”

  1. Hi, there Spicey! Aren’t you a pretty kitty? Yes you are! (reaches thru the screen and gives Spice a happy chin scritch)…also First!

  2. Quick, while he’s out, log into his Amazon account and order that half-ton of salmon you’ve been asking for! Oh, heck, while you’re at it, get a whole ton, since Sugar and Zeus probably want some, too.

  3. Hah, now that’s one guard cat who is seriously on duty, staring down anyone who gets in her way. Go get ’em, Spice!

    LOL, I’m not entirely sure what authors do when feeling very frisky, but it probably involves the spousal unit. Though that could be frisky in one direction, while authors may often be frisky in other directions too.

    Anyway, have a good time while taking time off.

    I would not be at all surprised if Spice orders mass quantities of tuna or salmon. Possibly, she’s invoking her feline editorial rights? My two chiefly do this by walking across my keyboard at random, completely disregarding all admonitions not to, whether these include some of that “colorful invective” or not.

  4. I don’t think the cat’s any better at counting the number of people attending an inauguration.

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