That’s So Weird + A Couple of Big Idea Updates

My Big Idea schedule says I was supposed to run the Big Idea for Fran Wilde’s Horizon today, but I already ran it last week. Which means that I screwed up, because today is the release day. So: If you missed the Big Idea when I posted it early, here it is today. Also, congrats to Fran for the release of her third book!

Also, a small public service message: Hey, if you ever want to just see Big Idea posts, there’s a way to do that: Use the URL. It works! Try it!

Also, also: I’m sending out my final batch of October Big Idea slots today. If you sent me a request for October and have not yet heard from me, check your email accounts. If you haven’t heard from me by the end of the day, I’m all slotted out.

2 Comments on “That’s So Weird + A Couple of Big Idea Updates”

  1. I just saw your van Gogh Ohio whatever-you-call-that-banner-picture for the first time and I went Whoa/Wow! however-you-spell-that-sound.
    And here I thought it was your WRITING that was so impressive.

  2. I really appreciate that you do this. One, I have been known to find the odd new author (hi, Myke Cole!) by this method. And two, The Whatever is a pretty decent platform to help new authors start the rise to the Big Name Author status that you enjoy (and until Charlie Stross pointed out what it meant on HIS blog after he achieved it on The Apocalypse Codex…that the the name of the author in print was as big or bigger than the title on the cover, implying that who the author was, was as much or more of a selling point than the book itself…I used it all the time without knowing specifically why it was called that).