Monthly Archives: September 2017

Labor Day Weekend Photos

Just some from around the house.  (Arachnophobes, be aware the penultimate picture is of an orb weaver.) Hope you’re having a good Labor Day long weekend.

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View From a Hotel Window 9/1/17: Washington DC

And out the window is the convention center that the National Book Festival will be at tomorrow. Along with me! I have an event at 3:30 and a signing at 4:30. If you’re in the area I hope to see you there. Otherwise, it’s nice to be back in the area I lived in for […]

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The Big Idea: Katherine Locke

Magic is made-up — but sometimes, Katherine Locke argues, it helps to look at the real world through the lens of the imaginary. She’s here to explain why, and how it affects her novel The Girl With the Red Balloon. KATHERINE LOCKE: I’ve been thinking about Luna Lovegood’s glasses lately. I’d forgotten (forgive me, Potterheads) […]

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