Daily Archives: October 2, 2017

2017, Word Counts and Writing Process

Today I wrote 1,850 words on Head On, my novel which is coming out next year. In any year previous to 2017, 1,850 words from me in a single day would be an okay day — slightly below my general average of 2,000 or so that I can reliably pump out on a daily basis, […]

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RIP Tom Petty

This was the song that made me a Tom Petty fan and got me to buy my first album from him and the Heartbreakers. He’s gone now but leaves a hell of a fine musical legacy. Go listen to it. Update: Apparently early reports (by reputable news sources, grrrr) were incorrect; not confirmed dead. We’ll […]

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Emergency Pet Pictures Deployed

Because here in the US, it’s a day for them. Because today is a day when we will hear about thoughts and prayers being offered, here are my thoughts on thoughts and prayers, from July 2016, in the aftermath of an event all too much like the event we’re dealing with today.

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