The Mill in the Woods

Historic Bear’s Mill, October 7, 2017.

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11 Comments on “The Mill in the Woods”

  1. What sort of mill was it when it was operating? I’m not seeing any obvious signs of water power which was generally the only power supply for these mills.

  2. Another great background image for my vertical monitor. I get the original size from your Flickr account and then resize, trim, and maybe distort slightly to fit 1200×1920. The 4K horizontal monitor is overstocked with Ohio sunsets, also nebulae and galaxies though that’s not your fault. ~700 images in toto.

  3. Has anyone been to Clifton Mill, the other still-operating watermill in western Ohio? It’s the one with the Christmas light show, and I recommend it. On the commercials it looks horridly garish, but in person…by golly, it works! We don’t have anything like that where I live now. I miss it.

  4. At this time of year, my mind wanders to cider mills. Some great ones in Michigan (Yate’s). And there’s the wonderful Gowan’s apple orchard we pass on the way to Mendocino…Mmmmm. Apples. Cider….

  5. BEAN SOUP and cornbread! Look out Scalzi kitties…Mom and Dad are coming home, and hell’s coming with them!!

  6. Thanks for pointing that place out to me – I haven’t been there and it looks like an easy drive from north of Cincinnati. I’ll have to give it a try some time. If you enjoyed that, you should try Spring Mill over in Indiana. My folks took me there as a kid several times (I have actual, real 8mm to prove it!) and I went back just a couple of years ago and it was just as good as I remembered it. It’s a state park and Indiana does a fine job of maintaining it. Like Bear’s Mill, it’s a flour mill as too.

  7. I also miss driving up to Montrose Orchards, just N and W of Flint, MI (yes something good can come out of that area). Blueberries in August, and apples and cider about now.